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LB5 Sen Blood Referral Provide for compensability under Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act for mental injuries resulting from workplace violence
LB6 Sen Blood Referral Prohibit conditional use permits and zoning exceptions for delinquent property taxpayers
LB7 Sen Blood Referral Provide a statute of limitations for exposure to hazardous or toxic chemicals
LB8 Sen Blood Referral Change provisions of the Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Act and provide for certificates of title and liens for abandoned mobile homes
LB9 Sen Blood Referral Change independent expenditure reporting requirements and require electioneering reporting
LB10 Sen Blood Referral Change motor vehicle and property tax exemptions for disabled veterans
LB11 Sen Blood Referral Change provisions relating to domestic abuse protection orders
LB12 Sen Blood Referral Create the Nebraska Human Breast Milk Bank
LB13 Sen Blood Referral Require coverage of human breast milk under the Medical Assistance Act
LB20 Sen Wayne Referral Provide for restoration of voting rights upon completion of a felony sentence or probation for a felony
LB38 Sen Blood Referral Provide an income tax adjustment relating to federal retirement annuities
LB39 Sen Blood Referral Require disability impact statements for certain legislation
LB40 Sen Blood Referral Adopt the Riparian and Water Quality Practices Act
LB78 Sen Day Referral Redefine massage therapy under the Massage Therapy Practice Act
LB80 Sen Aguilar Referral State intent regarding appropriations to the Department of Veterans' Affairs
LB81 Sen Aguilar Referral Change number of county judges in Buffalo and Hall counties
LB84 Sen Day Referral Change provisions relating to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
LB85 Sen Day Referral Provide for express lane eligibility under the Medical Assistance Act and the Children's Health Insurance Program
LB115 Sen Raybould Referral Adopt the Family Home Visitation Act
LB123 Sen Fredrickson Referral Adopt the Behavior Analyst Practice Act
LB188 Sen Hansen, B. Referral Authorize the Commissioner of Education to issue temporary certificates to teach to veterans as prescribed
LB211 Sen Blood Referral Adopt the Property Tax Circuit Breaker Act
LB232 Sen Cavanaugh, J. Referral Change provisions relating to keno and provide for the sale of digital-on-premises tickets
LB234 Sen Walz Referral Require reporting of blocked railroad crossing complaints
LB265 Sen Brewer Referral Require protective vests and safety training for correctional officers and allow Department of Health and Human Services employees to use justified force in defense of self or others
LB266 Sen Brewer Referral Change provisions regarding eligibility for Military Honor license plates
LB278 Sen Walz General File Provide duties for the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority and the Department of Economic Development relating to housing for persons with disabilities
LB280 Sen Blood Referral Adopt the Interstate Massage Compact
LB315 Sen Fredrickson Referral Prohibit providers of services relating to examination or treatment of injuries from sexual assault, domestic assault, and child abuse from taking certain debt enforcement actions against victims
LB321 Sen Brandt Referral Change provisions of the Nebraska Pure Food Act
LB328 Sen Raybould Referral Create the Office of Liaison for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons
LB331 Sen DeBoer Referral Provide for adoption by two persons jointly and change provisions relating to adoptions
LB357 Sen Walz Referral Change the maximum support allowable under the Disabled Persons and Family Support Act
LB413 Sen Blood Referral Adopt the Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact
LB419 Sen Wishart Referral Require submission of a medicaid state plan amendment to extend postpartum coverage
LB431 Sen Halloran Referral Change provisions relating to criminal history record information checks under the Uniform Credentialing Act
LB500 Sen Cavanaugh, M. Referral Change provisions relating to the family support program for persons with developmental disabilities and their families
LB501 Sen Cavanaugh, M. Referral Provide for compensation under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act for cancers experienced by firefighters
LB509 Sen Conrad Referral Provide for an increase for reimbursement rates for child welfare services
LB510 Sen Conrad Referral Require annual cost-of-living adjustments in child welfare rates
LB519 Sen Walz Referral Eliminate certification fees for teaching certificates, create and terminate funds, state intent regarding an appropriation for school employees, change provisions of the Excellence in Teaching Act, and adopt the Student Teaching Assistance Act
LB559 Sen Blood Referral Provide for electronic filing of statements of financial interests and require additional elected officials to file such statements under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB560 Sen Blood Referral State intent to seek federal funds under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
LB561 Sen Blood Referral Adopt the Cosmetology Licensure Compact
LB588 Sen Wishart Referral Adopt the Medicinal Cannabis Act
LB639 Sen Blood Referral Change provisions of Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act relating to rules and regulations, case progression standards, and summons and eliminate requirements to distribute copies of certain materials
LB735 Sen Blood Referral Create a work group and establish the Nebraska Stewardship Program under the Nebraska Apiary Act
LB769 Sen Holdcroft Referral Authorize use of the Critical Infrastructure Facilities Cash Fund to develop a sewer system
LR1CA Sen Blood Referral Constitutional amendment to require the Legislature to reimburse political subdivisions as prescribed
LR3CA Sen Cavanaugh, J. Referral Constitutional amendment to provide for nonpartisan nomination and election of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Auditor of Public Accounts, and State Treasurer
LR5 Sen Blood Referral Legislative Resolution to ratify an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to regulation of child labor
LR13 Sen DeKay Adopted Include the names of the Sage brothers and other sailors on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
LR15 Sen Holdcroft Adopted Congratulate the Gretna High School football team on being the runner-up in the 2022 state championship game
LR22CA Sen Dover Referral Constitutional amendment to change legislative term limits to three consecutive terms