Agenda for April 18th, 2019

106th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 62

The Legislature is adjourned until Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at 9:00 am.

Sixty-Second Day

Thursday, April 18, 2019

9:00 a.m.

One Hundred Sixth Legislature

First Session

  • Prayer by the Chaplain
  • Call to Order - Roll Call
  • Corrections for the Journal
  • Messages, Reports, Announcements
Judiciary Committee (Journal Page 1169)

FINAL READING (Bills Preceded with an * Will Require a Vote To Suspend At Large Reading, Pursuant to Rule 6, Section 8)
Document Introducer Description
LB59 Cavanaugh Change investigation and reporting provisions under the Children's Residential Facilities and Placing Licensure Act
LB87 Wayne Provide funding in opportunity zones designated pursuant to federal law
*LB212 Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee Change provisions relating to budget limitations and procedures, hearing notices for county budgets and property tax requests, and videoconferences and telephone conferences
LB268 Friesen Change provisions relating to a certificate of convenience and necessity for a telecommunications company
LB316e Kolterman Provide protections for pharmacies to disclose information regarding drug prices and prohibit insurers from charging covered individuals in excess of certain amounts
*LB320 Albrecht Change various provisions of the Pesticide Act and update federal references
LB352 Morfeld Provide requirements relating to the use of jailhouse informants
LB390 Pansing Brooks Provide duties regarding school resource officers and security guards
*LB472 Dorn Adopt the Qualified Judgment Payment Act, authorize a sales and use tax, and require a property tax levy
LB514 Morfeld Change bad check provisions to include obtaining child support credit and spousal support credit
LB603 Lindstrom Change automatic teller machine fees
LB637e Stinner Authorize sales of tourism promotional products by the Nebraska Tourism Commission
LB713 Vargas Provide for long-term analyses from the Legislative Fiscal Analyst
LR14CA Wayne Constitutional amendment to authorize municipalities to pledge property taxes for up to twenty years if more than one-half of the property in a redevelopment project is extremely blighted

Document Introducer Description
LB177 Lindstrom Change a termination date for bonding authority of natural resources districts
LB428 Friesen Change certain tax provisions and redefine wages as prescribed under the Employment Security Law
LB31 Kolterman Provide for a work plan relating to a transfer of management of the retirement system operated under the Class V School Employees Retirement Act to the Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Systems and to require a report and provide duties
LB31A Kolterman Appropriation Bill
LB638 Stinner Change provisions relating to the transfer of excess General Fund net receipts to the Cash Reserve Fund

Document Introducer Description
LB556 Howard Change provisions relating to prescriptions for controlled substances and the prescription drug monitoring program
LB556A Howard Appropriation Bill
LB252 Geist Provide a condition relating to advertisements by the state lottery
LB304 Crawford Exempt certain operations from the definition of a food establishment under the Nebraska Pure Food Act
LB698 Bostelman Change load provisions and penalties for commercial motor vehicles and commercial trailers
LB616 Hilgers Provide an interest payment exception for certain state highway and bridge construction contracts
LB585 Friesen Create the Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program and provide for grants
LB641 McDonnell Provide for grants for a 211 Information and Referral Network
LB663 Friesen Change provisions relating to Nebraska adjusted basis

Document Introducer Description
LB445 McDonnell Require cities and villages to provide annual reports relating to occupation taxes as prescribed
LB222 Albrecht Change the Volunteer Emergency Responders Incentive Act
LB180 Bolz Change program eligibility criteria under the Community College Gap Assistance Program Act
LB23 Kolterman Change the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act
LB356 Scheer Change certain license plate fee distributions, create new license plates, and provide for the discontinuance of certain plates as prescribed
LB6 Blood Change residency requirements for college tuition purposes for spouses or legal dependents of persons on active duty
LB524 Dorn Change provisions relating to annexations under the Nebraska Budget Act

Document Introducer Description
LB405 Hunt Adopt updates to building and energy codes
LB130 DeBoer Adopt radon resistant new construction requirements
LB130A DeBoer Appropriation Bill

Document Introducer Description
LB600 Walz Change a time limit relating to the authority of the deputy public counsel for institutions
LB460 Health and Human Services Committee Change criminal background check provisions under the Children's Residential Facilities and Placing Licensure Act
LB460A Howard Appropriation Bill
LB184 Friesen Adopt the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act
LB700 Bostelman Provide for decommissioning and reclamation of a wind energy conversion system

Document Introducer Description
LB179 Hilgers Authorize the appeal of certain motions as final orders
LB478 Vargas Prohibit use of consent by a minor as a defense or mitigation of damages or liability in certain civil actions arising from sexual assaults
LB595 Albrecht Change Office of Dispute Resolution to Office of Restorative Justice and Dispute Resolution and change powers and duties of the office
LB96 Wayne Change local building code provisions

  • Messages on the President's Desk
  • Adjourn until Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.