Legislative Histories

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Return to Clerk of the Legislature

A Nebraska legislative history is a series of documents related to legislative action taken on a legislative bill considered by the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature. Legislative histories are frequently compiled by public officials, researchers and attorneys in order to better understand the intent of legislators in making particular policy decisions.

Two kinds of documents are available in the Office of the Clerk of the Legislature on microfilm:

  • Committee Records: These records include the introducer's statement of intent, the public hearing transcript, executive session notes and the committee statement. The committee hearing transcript contains verbatim testimony and a question/answer period among senators and the public. Other documents include the legislative bill as it was introduced, the committee reports, any adopted amendments and exhibits offered at the public hearing.
  • Floor Debate Records: These records include a transcript of the verbatim discussion among senators during a legislative session, together with any references to the bill as it moves through the legislative process.

Historical records, including committee hearing records, introducer's statements of intent, and, upon request, bills and exhibits may be obtained from this office. Histories also include debate transcripts as prepared by the Legislative Transcribers' Office. The fee for a legislative history is 15 cents per page, plus tax and postage. To request a legislative history, e-mail the Legislative Historian or call (402) 471-3215.