Session Information has a wide variety of research tools available to access legislative bills, amendments and documents, as well as state statutes and the Nebraska Constitution.

The following activity is provided on the legislative calendar. In order to maintain historical records they have unique names and can be accessed by going to the specific day. Calendar links are provided throughout the web site.

Agenda - set by the Speaker of the Legislature, is the daily plan for legislative business.

Committee Hearings - Committee hearing schedules appear on the calendar as scheduled and on individual committee web pages.

Legislative Journal - A record of official proceedings on the legislative floor prepared daily during session. Journals for current and previous sessions are available.

Summary Sheet - Compiled from the daily Journal at the end of each legislative day. It includes a description of bill and resolution activity that day.

Transcripts - of floor debate and committee hearings are available as they are completed.

Worksheet - A list showing the status of every bill and resolution at the beginning of each legislative day.