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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB315 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Change penalties for assault by strangulation or suffocation and domestic assault
LB316 Cavanaugh, J. General File Change provisions relating to limitations for a postconviction relief action
LB317 Cavanaugh, J. General File Provide for Nebraska History license plates
LB317A Cavanaugh, J. General File Appropriation Bill
LB318 Cavanaugh, J. Indefinitely postponed Increase the earned income tax credit
LB319 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Change penalties for theft offenses
LB320 Cavanaugh, J. Final Reading Change provisions relating to landlords and tenants
LB320A Cavanaugh, J. Final Reading Appropriation Bill
LB321 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Prohibit defendant's discovery of victim's actual or perceived gender or sexual orientation as a defense to a crime
LB419 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Require appointment of counsel in eviction proceedings and provide for a filing fee
LB482 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Change provisions relating to use of public resources by public officials and public employees
LB483 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Provide for a climate change study and action plan
LB484 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Provide for a new felony classification and change penalties for certain theft offenses
LB504 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Change certain penalty provisions for the suspension, revocation, or impoundment of a motor vehicle operator’s license
LB505 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Limit habitual criminal enhancement to specified felonies
LB506 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Change provisions relating to net metering provided by local distribution utilities
LB634 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Provide a cause of action for unsafe disposal of treated seed
LB635 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Change provisions regarding nomination and election of certain partisan candidates
LB636 Cavanaugh, J. Referral Eliminate cash bail bonds, appearance bonds, and related provisions
LR96 Cavanaugh, J. Adopted Recognize the week of April 10-17, 2021, as Field Club Days