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49-1401 Act, how cited.
49-1402 Legislative findings.
49-1403 Definitions, where found.
49-1404 Administrative action, defined.
49-1405 Ballot question, defined.
49-1406 Ballot question committee, defined.
49-1407 Business, defined.
49-1408 Business with which the individual is associated or business association, defined.
49-1409 Candidate, defined.
49-1410 Candidate committee, defined.
49-1411 Closing date, defined.
49-1412 Commission, defined.
49-1413 Committee, defined.
49-1414 Compensation, defined.
49-1415 Contribution, defined.
49-1416 Election, defined.
49-1417 Elective office, defined.
49-1418 Executive agency, defined.
49-1419 Expenditure, defined.
49-1420 Filed, filer, and filing official; defined.
49-1421 Financial transaction, defined.
49-1422 Fundraising event, defined.
49-1423 Gift, defined.
49-1424 Government body, defined.
49-1425 Immediate family, defined.
49-1426 Income, defined.
49-1427 Independent committee, defined.
49-1428 Independent expenditure, defined.
49-1429 Influencing, defined.
49-1430 In-kind contribution or expenditure, defined.
49-1431 Legislative action, defined.
49-1432 Loan, defined.
49-1433 Lobbying, defined.
49-1433.01 Major out-of-state contributor, defined.
49-1434 Principal, lobbyist, defined.
49-1435 Nonministerial, defined.
49-1436 Official in the executive branch, defined.
49-1437 Official in the legislative branch, defined.
49-1438 Person, defined.
49-1439 Political merchandise, defined.
49-1440 Political party, defined.
49-1441 Political party committee, defined.
49-1442 Public employee, defined.
49-1443 Public official, defined.
49-1443.01 Relative, defined.
49-1444 State elective office, defined.
49-1445 Candidate for office; candidate committee; slate or team; committee; when formed; violation; penalty.
49-1446 Committee; treasurer; depository account; contributions and expenditures; requirements; reports; commingling funds; violations; penalty.
49-1446.01 Committee; certain expenditure of funds authorized.
49-1446.02 Committee; certain expenditure of funds; prohibited.
49-1446.03 Committee; expenditure of funds; authorized.
49-1446.04 Candidate committee; loans; restrictions; civil penalty.
49-1446.05 Repealed. Laws 2001, LB 242, § 27.
49-1446.06 Transferred to section 49-1474.02.
49-1447 Committee treasurer; statements or reports; duties; committee records; violation; penalty.
49-1448 Commission; rules; purpose.
49-1449 Committee; statement of organization; filing; procedure; late filing fees.
49-1449.01 Committee; statement of organization; registration fee; failure to perfect filing; effect.
49-1450 Committee; statement of organization; contents, enumerated.
49-1451 Statement of organization; change; late filing fee.
49-1452 Repealed. Laws 1983, LB 230, § 4.
49-1453 Committee; dissolution; procedure.
49-1454 Committee; campaign statement; filing; period covered.
49-1455 Committee campaign statement; contents.
49-1456 Committee account; income; how treated; loans.
49-1457 Political party committee; campaign statement; contents, enumerated; contribution and expenditure information.
49-1458 Late contribution; how reported; late filing fee.
49-1459 Campaign statements; filing schedule; statement of exemption.
49-1460 Repealed. Laws 1983, LB 230, § 4.
49-1461 Ballot question committee; campaign statement; filing dates.
49-1461.01 Ballot question committee; surety bond; requirements; violations; penalty.
49-1462 Committee; campaign statement; when filed; period covered.
49-1463 Campaign statement; statement of exemption; violations; late filing fee.
49-1463.01 Late filing fee; relief; reduction or waiver; when.
49-1463.02 Late filing fees and civil penalties; interest.
49-1464 Campaign statements of committees; where filed.
49-1465 Campaign statement; verification statement; signature; requirements.
49-1466 Dissolved candidate committee; unexpended funds; how treated.
49-1467 Person; independent expenditure report; when filed; contents; late filing fee; violation; penalty.
49-1468 Contribution or expenditure made by a dependent minor; contribution controlled by another; how reported.
49-1469 Businesses and organizations; contributions, expenditures, or services; report; contents; separate segregated political fund; when required.
49-1469.01 Transferred to section 49-1476.
49-1469.02 Transferred to section 49-1476.01.
49-1469.03 Transferred to section 49-1476.02.
49-1469.04 Transferred to section 49-1479.02.
49-1469.05 Businesses and organizations; separate segregated political fund; restrictions.
49-1469.06 Businesses and organizations; separate segregated political fund; contributions and expenditures; limitations.
49-1469.07 Businesses and organizations; separate segregated political fund; status.
49-1469.08 Businesses and organizations; late filing fee; violation; penalty.
49-1470 Campaign statements; public information; copies, cost; duration kept.
49-1471 Contribution or expenditure in excess of fifty dollars; not to be made in cash; violation; penalty.
49-1472 Anonymous contribution; restrictions on use; other contributions; how treated; violation; penalty.
49-1473 Contributions; legal name of contributor; violation; penalty.
49-1474 Political newsletter or mass mailing; not to be sent at public expense; violation; penalty.
49-1474.01 Political material; disclaimer requirements; violation; penalty.
49-1474.02 Dissemination of message by telecommunication or electronic means; requirements.
49-1474.03 Campaign advertisement; dissemination; applicability; requirements.
49-1475 Contribution; intermediary or agent of contributor; disclosure; violation; penalty.
49-1476 Lottery contractor; legislative findings.
49-1476.01 Lottery contractor; contributions and expenditures prohibited; penalty.
49-1476.02 Lottery contractor contribution; receipt prohibited; penalty.
49-1477 Contributions from persons other than committee; information required; violation; penalty.
49-1478 Expenditure; limitations; reports required; violations; penalty.
49-1478.01 Late independent expenditure; reports required; late filing fee.
49-1479 Contributions made for transfer or in behalf of a committee; unlawful; exceptions; penalty.
49-1479.01 Earmarked contribution; requirements; report; late filing fee; violation; penalty.
49-1479.02 Major out-of-state contributor; report; contents; applicability; late filing fee.
49-1479.03 Foreign national; contribution to ballot question committee; prohibited; exception.
49-1480 Lobbyist; registration; application; contents.
49-1480.01 Application for registration; fee; collection; registration renewal.
49-1481 List of registered lobbyists and principals; print in Legislative Journal; additional information; when.
49-1482 Lobbyists and principals; registration fees; disbursement.
49-1483 Lobbyist and principal; file separate statements; when; contents.
49-1483.01 Repealed. Laws 2005, LB 242, § 70.
49-1483.02 Statement; exemption from filing.
49-1483.03 Lobbyist or principal; special report required; when; late filing fee.
49-1483.04 Repealed. Laws 1999, LB 7, § 1.
49-1484 Clerk of the Legislature; refer statements to commission; additional details.
49-1485 Clerk of the Legislature; furnish summary of lobbyist and principal statements to Legislature and press; public records.
49-1486 Registration of lobbyists; period valid.
49-1487 Repealed. Laws 1979, LB 162, § 8.
49-1488 Registered lobbyist; statement of activity during regular or special session; when filed.
49-1488.01 Statements; late filing fee; reduction or waiver; when.
49-1489 Lobbyist; records and documents; preservation required; available to commission; exception.
49-1490 Principal or lobbyist; prohibited acts relating to gifts; penalty.
49-1491 Principal, lobbyist, or person acting on behalf of either; false or misleading statements to public officials; prohibited.
49-1492 Lobbying; prohibited practices; violation; penalty.
49-1492.01 Agency, political subdivision, or publicly funded postsecondary educational institution; gifts; reporting requirements; violations; penalty.
49-1493 Individuals required to file a statement of financial interests.
49-1494 Candidates for elective office; statement of financial interest; filing; time.
49-1495 Individuals appointed to office; statement of financial interests; filing; time; where; public information.
49-1496 Statement of financial interests; form; contents; enumerated.
49-1497 Financial institution, defined; irrevocable trust; how treated.
49-1498 Members of a nonelective governmental body or of a committee or subcommittee of a governmental body; no financial interest in matters before body; exception.
49-1499 Legislature; discharge of official duties; potential conflict; actions required.
49-1499.01 Repealed. Laws 2009, LB 322, § 6.
49-1499.02 Executive branch; discharge of official duties; potential conflict; actions required.
49-1499.03 Political subdivision personnel; school board; discharge of official duties; potential conflict; actions required; nepotism; restrictions on supervision of family members.
49-1499.04 Political subdivision; employment of family member; when; exception.
49-1499.05 Official or employee; abuse of official position.
49-1499.06 Nebraska Environmental Trust Board; abstention; when.
49-1499.07 Executive branch; nepotism prohibited; restrictions on supervisors; legislative intent for legislative branch and judicial branch.
49-14,100 Advisory opinions; application; effect.
49-14,101 Public official, employee, candidate, and other individuals; prohibited acts; penalty.
49-14,101.01 Financial gain; gift of travel or lodging; prohibited acts; violation; penalty; permissible activities and uses.
49-14,101.02 Public official or public employee; use of public resources or funds; prohibited acts; exceptions.
49-14,101.03 Public official or public employee; incidental or de minimis use of public resources; permissible activities and uses.
49-14,102 Contracts with government bodies; procedure; powers of certain cities; purpose.
49-14,103 Contract; conflict of interest; voidable; decree.
49-14,103.01 Officer, defined; interest in contract prohibited; when.
49-14,103.02 Contract with officer; information required; ledger maintained.
49-14,103.03 Open account with officer; how treated.
49-14,103.04 Violations; penalties.
49-14,103.05 Governing body; prohibit certain contracts.
49-14,103.06 Governing body; exempt certain contracts.
49-14,103.07 Filing of potential conflict of interest statement not required; when.
49-14,104 Official or full-time employee of executive branch; not to represent a person or act as an expert witness; when; violation; penalty.
49-14,105 Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission; established; members; appointment; procedure.
49-14,106 Commission members; appointment.
49-14,107 Memberships on commission; increased; when; manner.
49-14,108 Commission; members; file a statement of financial interests; when.
49-14,109 Legislative committee; conduct open hearings of persons appointed to the commission.
49-14,110 Commission; appointments; legislative approval.
49-14,111 Commission; members; terms.
49-14,112 Commission; members; vacancy; how filled.
49-14,113 Individual appointed to fill a vacancy; term.
49-14,114 Commission; appointed members; prohibited acts; resignation required; when.
49-14,115 Member or employee of commission; confidential information; disclosure, when; violation; penalty.
49-14,116 Commission; members; removal; procedure.
49-14,117 Commission; officers; duties.
49-14,118 Commission; quorum.
49-14,119 Commission; meetings; records; notice.
49-14,120 Commission; members; expenses.
49-14,121 Commission; personnel; executive director; duties; assistance from other agencies; exempt from personnel system.
49-14,122 Commission; field investigations and audits; purpose.
49-14,123 Commission; duties.
49-14,123.01 Commission; duty to provide information.
49-14,123.02 Repealed. Laws 2005, LB 242, § 70.
49-14,124 Alleged violation; preliminary investigation by commission; powers; notice.
49-14,124.01 Preliminary investigation; confidential; exception.
49-14,124.02 Commission; possible criminal violation; referral to Attorney General; duties of Attorney General.
49-14,125 Preliminary investigation; terminated, when; violation; effect; powers of commission; subsequent proceedings; records.
49-14,126 Commission; violation; orders; civil penalty; costs of hearing.
49-14,127 Mandamus to compel civil action; when.
49-14,128 Reasonable attorney's fees; court order.
49-14,129 Commission; suspend or modify reporting requirements; conditions.
49-14,130 Repealed. Laws 2005, LB 242, § 70.
49-14,131 Appeal; procedure.
49-14,132 Filings; limitation of use.
49-14,133 Criminal prosecution; Attorney General; concurrent jurisdiction with county attorney.
49-14,134 False statement or report; unlawful; penalty.
49-14,135 Violation of confidentiality; perjury; penalty.
49-14,136 Statute of limitations.
49-14,137 Discipline of public officials or employees; effect of act.
49-14,138 Local laws of political subdivisions; effect of act.
49-14,139 Forms; distribution.
49-14,140 Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission Cash Fund; created; use; investment.
49-14,141 Electronic filing system; campaign statements and reports; availability; procedures for filings.
49-14,142 Payment of civil penalty.
49-1501 Repealed. Laws 2012, LB 1113, § 50.