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18-2101 Act, how cited. Print Friendly
18-2101.01 Creation of agency; cooperation with federal government; taxes, bonds, and notes; other powers. Print Friendly
18-2101.02 Extremely blighted area; governing body; duties; review; public hearing. Print Friendly
18-2102 Legislative findings and declarations. Print Friendly
18-2102.01 Creation of authority or limited authority; name; membership; terms; optional election; officers and employees; quorum; interest in contracts; accounts; loan from city; finances; deposits; audit. Print Friendly
18-2103 Terms, defined. Print Friendly
18-2103.01 Repealed. Laws 1969, c. 257, § 44. Print Friendly
18-2103.02 Acquisition of housing property; relocation of persons displaced. Print Friendly
18-2104 Exercise of powers; objective. Print Friendly
18-2105 Formulation of workable program; disaster assistance; effect. Print Friendly
18-2106 Authority; member or employee; interest in project or property; restriction; disclosure. Print Friendly
18-2107 Authority; powers and duties. Print Friendly
18-2108 Real estate; acquisition; requirement. Print Friendly
18-2109 Redevelopment plan; preparation; requirements; planning commission or board; public hearing; notice; governing body; public hearing; notice. Print Friendly
18-2110 Plan; submission or recommendation; requirement. Print Friendly
18-2111 Plan; who may prepare; contents. Print Friendly
18-2112 Plan; submit to planning commission or board; recommendations. Print Friendly
18-2113 Plan; considerations; cost-benefit analysis. Print Friendly
18-2114 Plan; recommendations to governing body; statements required. Print Friendly
18-2115 Redevelopment plan or substantial modification; public hearing; notice; governing body hearing; notice. Print Friendly
18-2115.01 Notice; manner. Print Friendly
18-2116 Plan; approval; findings. Print Friendly
18-2117 Plan; modification; conditions. Print Friendly
18-2117.01 Plan; report to Property Tax Administrator; contents; compilation of data. Print Friendly
18-2117.02 Redevelopment projects; annual report; contents. Print Friendly
18-2117.03 Redevelopment project; inclusion of certain costs. Print Friendly
18-2117.04 City; retain plans and documents. Print Friendly
18-2118 Real estate; sell; lease; transfer; terms. Print Friendly
18-2119 Redevelopment contract proposal; notice; considerations; acceptance; disposal of real property; contract relating to real estate within an enhanced employment area; recordation; division of taxes; certification by redeveloper; retention of documents; additional requirements. Print Friendly
18-2120 Project; conveyance of property for public use. Print Friendly
18-2121 Real property; temporary operation, when. Print Friendly
18-2122 Real property; eminent domain; effect of resolution. Print Friendly
18-2123 Undeveloped vacant land; land outside city; acquisition, when. Print Friendly
18-2123.01 Redevelopment project with property outside corporate limits; formerly used defense site; agreement with county authorized. Print Friendly
18-2124 Bonds; issuance; sources of payment; limitations. Print Friendly
18-2125 Bonds; liability; exempt from taxation; anticipation notes; renewal notes; terms; declaration of intent. Print Friendly
18-2126 Bonds; terms. Print Friendly
18-2127 Bonds; sale. Print Friendly
18-2128 Bonds; signatures; validity. Print Friendly
18-2129 Bonds; actions; effect. Print Friendly
18-2130 Bonds; authority; powers. Print Friendly
18-2131 Bonds; default; causes of action. Print Friendly
18-2132 Repealed. Laws 2001, LB 420, § 38. Print Friendly
18-2133 Bonds; obligee; causes of action. Print Friendly
18-2134 Bonds; who may purchase. Print Friendly
18-2135 Federal government; contract for financial assistance; default; effect of cure. Print Friendly
18-2136 Property; exempt from execution. Print Friendly
18-2137 Property; exempt from taxation; payments in lieu of taxes. Print Friendly
18-2138 Public body; cooperate in planning; powers. Print Friendly
18-2139 Public body; sale, conveyance, lease, or agreement; how made. Print Friendly
18-2140 Estimate of expenditures; cities; grant funds; levy taxes; issue bonds. Print Friendly
18-2141 Instrument of conveyance; execution; effect. Print Friendly
18-2142 Repealed. Laws 1997, LB 875, § 21. Print Friendly
18-2142.01 Validity and enforceability of bonds and agreements; presumption. Print Friendly
18-2142.02 Enhanced employment area; redevelopment project; levy of general business occupation tax authorized; governing body; powers; occupation tax; power to levy; exceptions. Print Friendly
18-2142.03 Enhanced employment area; use of eminent domain prohibited. Print Friendly
18-2142.04 Enhanced employment area; authorized work within area; levy of general business occupation tax authorized; exceptions; governing body; powers; revenue bonds authorized; terms and conditions. Print Friendly
18-2142.05 Construction of workforce housing; governing body; duties. Print Friendly
18-2143 Community Development Law, how construed. Print Friendly
18-2144 Community Development Law; controlling over other laws and city charters. Print Friendly
18-2145 Limited community redevelopment authority; laws applicable. Print Friendly
18-2146 Minimum standards housing ordinance; adopt, when. Print Friendly
18-2147 Ad valorem tax; division authorized; limitations. Print Friendly
18-2147.01 Cost-benefit analysis; reimbursement. Print Friendly
18-2148 Project valuation; county assessor; duties. Print Friendly
18-2149 Project valuation; how treated. Print Friendly
18-2150 Financing; pledge of taxes. Print Friendly