Introduced Legislation for January 11th, 2023

108th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 6

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Document Introducer Description
LB279 Kauth Change and eliminate provisions relating to executive officers of banks
LB280 Blood Adopt the Interstate Massage Compact
LB281 Jacobson Require the Department of Economic Development to provide grants for youth outdoor education camp facilities
LB282 Riepe Provide for payment of claims and approve a contract claim against the state
LB283 Riepe Deny claims against the state
LB284 McKinney Adopt the Municipal Police Oversight Act, require maintenance of Brady and Giglio lists, restrict usage of no-knock warrants, prohibit collection of data on gang membership, require a bachelor’s degree for law enforcement certification, change requirements on law enforcement records, and eliminate the offense of unlawful membership recruitment into an organization
LB285 Walz Adopt the School Community Eligibility Provision Maximization Act
LB286 Walz Provide for confidentiality of a physician wellness program under the Uniform Credentialing Act
LB287 Brewer Prohibit creation of joint public agencies under the Joint Public Agency Act
LB288 Bostelman Require the Department of Motor Vehicles to establish and maintain an online verification system for accessing certain private passenger motor vehicle insurance and financial responsibility information and authorize a disclosure under the Uniform Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act
LB289 Bostelman Provide powers for agencies created under the Municipal Cooperative Financing Act
LB290 Cavanaugh, M. Change standard of need requirements for the aid to dependent children program
LB291 Cavanaugh, M. Require implicit bias or diversity, equity, and inclusion training for certain applicants and credential holders under the Uniform Credentialing Act
LB292 Cavanaugh, M. Prohibit the use of eminent domain under the Jobs and Economic Development Initiative Act
LB293 Cavanaugh, M. Provide formal protest procedures for certain state contracts for services
LB294 Conrad Adopt the Child Tax Credit Act
LB295 Conrad Increase the earned income tax credit
LB296 Ballard Adopt the Pet Insurance Act, require use of National Provider Identifiers by health care providers, and change insurance reimbursement provisions for telehealth services
LB297 Sanders Adopt the Personal Privacy Protection Act
LB298 Linehan Adopt the Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact and require school districts and the State Department of Education to collect and report information regarding dyslexia and other learning disabilities and to establish dress code and grooming policies
LB299 Linehan Require approval by the voters of a school district or educational service unit for the issuance of certain bonds under the Interlocal Cooperation Act
LB300 Linehan Change provisions relating to sales and use tax exemptions for nonprofit organizations
LB301 Linehan Change a tax on ready-to-drink cocktails under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB302 Linehan Change provisions relating to conflicts of interest by certain officeholders and public employees
LB303 Linehan Change provisions relating to an annual estimate for necessary funding under the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
LB304 Linehan Require political subdivisions to disclose membership dues and lobbying fees
LB305 Halloran Change provisions relating to grain warehouse storage rates and charges
LB306 Hunt Create the Nebraska Youth in Care Bill of Rights
LB307 Hunt Provide an exception to the penalty relating to drug paraphernalia under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act
LB308 Bostar Adopt the Genetic Information Privacy Act
LB309 Bostar Change an interest rate relating to property tax refunds
LB310 Conrad Change the maximum payment level under the aid to dependent children program
LB311 Lowe Change dates related to the required market analysis and socioeconomic-impact studies under the Nebraska Racetrack Gaming Act
LB312 Lowe Change provisions relating to withholding money due to noncompliance with budget limits and annual audits for certain political subdivisions
LB313 Lowe Change provisions relating to special elections and filling vacancies in the United States Senate and House of Representatives
LB314 Fredrickson Require firearm dealers to provide information on suicide prevention and require training on suicide prevention under the Concealed Handgun Permit Act
LB315 Fredrickson Prohibit providers of services relating to examination or treatment of injuries from sexual assault, domestic assault, and child abuse from taking certain debt enforcement actions against victims
LB316 Fredrickson Change and eliminate provisions relating to marriage
LB317 von Gillern Change provisions relating to inspection of real property by county assessors
LB318 Bostar Adopt the Child Care Tax Credit Act and reauthorize tax credits under the School Readiness Tax Credit Act
LB319 Bostar Create funds, transfer funds from the Cash Reserve Fund, and provide for child care funding
LB320 Brandt Change provisions of the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
LB321 Brandt Change provisions of the Nebraska Pure Food Act
LB322 Linehan Prohibit creation of new joint public agencies with power or authority relating to tax
LB323 Linehan Appropriate funds for a salary increase for legislative employees
LB324 Wishart Change provisions relating to reimbursements under the Special Education Act
LB325 Dungan Change immunity for intentional torts under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act and the State Tort Claims Act
LB326 Raybould Provide for eligibility for certain children under the Medical Assistance Act
LB327 Raybould Change provisions relating to the minimum wage under the Wage and Hour Act
LB328 Raybould Create the Office of Liaison for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons
LB329 Raybould Prohibit the application of the state building code in a manner that would prohibit or limit the use of certain refrigerant
LB330 DeBoer Change provisions relating to small estate affidavits under the Uniform Probate Code
LB331 DeBoer Provide for adoption by two persons jointly and change provisions relating to adoptions
LB332 Linehan Prohibit creation of new joint public agencies with power or authority relating to education
LB333 Conrad Require a state plan amendment for coverage of family planning services under the Medical Assistance Act
LB334 McDonnell Adopt the Reentry Housing Network Act and provide a duty for the Department of Correctional Services and the Board of Parole
LB335 Halloran Adopt the Health Care Staffing Agency Registration Act
LB336 Halloran Terminate the Nebraska Hemp Commission, create the Nebraska Hemp Advisory Board, and eliminate a fee and penalty
LB337 Riepe Change provisions relating to disclosure of patient information under the Mental Health Practice Act
LR17CA McKinney Constitutional amendment to prohibit the death penalty
LR18CA Hunt Constitutional amendment to protect the right to reproductive freedom
LR19CA Hunt Constitutional amendment to protect the right to reproductive freedom and prohibit the state from taking adverse action for exercising or assisting in the exercise of such right
LR20CA Conrad Constitutional amendment to protect the right of individual privacy