Introduced Legislation for January 7th, 2021

107th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 2

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Document Primary
LB1 Executive Board: Hughes, Chairperson Correlate provisions of Laws 2019, LB538, with Initiative Law 2020, No. 430, regarding mechanical amusement devices
LB2 Briese Change the valuation of agricultural land and horticultural land for certain school district taxes
LB3 Briese Change notice requirements for school district budget hearings and require access to school district data
LB4 Briese Change tuition credit provisions for the Active Selected Reserve of the armed forces of the United States
LB5 Blood Adopt the Purple Star Schools Act
LB6 Blood Change provisions relating to the taxation of military retirement benefits
LB7 Blood Provide immunity from arrest and prosecution for witnesses and victims of violent crimes
LB8 Blood Change independent expenditure reporting requirements and require electioneering reporting
LB9 Blood Change annexation requirements and property tax special valuation provisions
LB10 Blood Change motor vehicle and property tax exemptions for disabled veterans
LB11 Blood Change provisions regarding voter registration and requests for ballots for early voting
LB12 Blood Require a commuter rail service study by the Department of Transportation
LB13 Blood Prohibit possession of a deadly weapon by the subject of a foreign protection order
LB14 Blood Adopt the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact
LB15 Blood Adopt the Occupational Therapy Practice Interstate Compact
LB16 Kolterman Provide for state contributions to the Nebraska Retirement Fund for Judges
LB17 Kolterman Change fees for and provide for transfers to the Nebraska Retirement Fund for Judges and change actuarial valuation and amortization provisions for certain state retirement systems
LB18 Kolterman Change provisions relating to equivalent employees and qualified locations under the ImagiNE Nebraska Act
LB19 Kolterman Change provisions relating to nail technology and body art
LB20 Blood Provide for insurance coverage of and medicaid access to prescribed contraceptives
LB21 Williams Change insurance provisions regarding administrative penalties, health maintenance organizations, and continuing education
LB22 Williams Change provisions of the Nebraska Protection in Annuity Transactions Act
LB23 Williams Change provisions of the Real Property Appraiser Act
LB24 Kolterman Change fee, remittance, and distribution provisions relating to the Nebraska Retirement Fund for Judges
LB25 Wayne Change provisions relating to the division of ad valorem taxes under the Community Development Law
LB26 Wayne Provide a sales tax exemption for residential water service
LB27 Wayne Provide for appropriations to the Nebraska State Historical Society
LB28 Wayne Provide for motions for new trial based on newly discovered evidence
LB29 Wayne Replace Arbor Day with Juneteenth as a state holiday
LB30 Wayne Limit the amount an insured pays for prescription insulin drugs
LB31 Wayne Authorize punitive damages as prescribed and provide for distribution
LB32 Pansing Brooks Provide for Class ICA and IDA felony classifications and change penalties
LB33 Pansing Brooks Change provisions relating to minimum sentences
LB34 Pansing Brooks Change sentencing provisions for crimes committed by a person under twenty-one years of age
LB35 Pansing Brooks Change membership provisions for the First Regiment Nebraska Volunteer Infantry at Fort Donelson Committee
LB36 Erdman Require display of the national motto in schools
LB37 Lowe Change and eliminate provisions relating to the state boiler inspector, fee schedules, and powers and duties of the State Fire Marshal
LB38 Lindstrom Change provisions relating to tax credits and retaliatory taxes
LB39 Lindstrom Change provisions regarding the Convention Center Support Fund and the Sports Arena Facility Financing Assistance Act and provide for grants for cities of the first class with creative districts
LB40 Groene Adopt the Nebraska Rural Projects Act
LB41 Dorn Change provisions relating to certain payments of funds to townships
LB42 Dorn Provide for transfers to the Hall of Fame Trust Fund
LB43 Hansen, M. Provide for election of election commissioners and eliminate certain deputy positions
LB44 Hansen, M. Change requirements for adoption of an affordable housing action plan
LB45 Hansen, M. Eliminate provisions relating to continuance of proceedings under the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
LB46 Hansen, M. Eliminate an alternative service provision under the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
LB47 Hansen, M. Change procedures relating to obligees in child support proceedings
LB48 Hansen, M. Change provisions relating to marriage and annulments
LB49 Hansen, M. Change penalty for use of tobacco or nicotine products by a person under twenty-one years of age
LB50 Groene Change voice analysis examiner and voice stress analyzer provisions under the Licensing of Truth and Deception Examiners Act
LB51 Lathrop Change provisions relating to qualifications, training, certification, accreditation, powers, and duties of certain law enforcement personnel
LB52 Lathrop Provide for immunity for injury or death resulting from COVID-19 exposure
LB53 Lathrop Provide immunity for health care providers acting in conformance with the crisis standard of care during a COVID-19 state of emergency
LB54 Lathrop Change immunity for intentional torts under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act and the State Tort Claims Act
LB55 Lathrop Change judges' salaries
LB56 Lathrop Change provisions relating to administration of and eligibility for parole
LB57 Lathrop Provide a hearsay exception for present sense impressions
LB58 Pahls Change requirements for service by publication for delinquent liens arising from city or village special assessments
LB59 Stinner Change provisions regarding sales of tourism promotional products by the Nebraska Tourism Commission and distribution of revenue
LB60 Kolterman Change provisions related to community college levies
LB61 Kolterman Provide formal protest procedures for certain state contracts for services
LB62 Kolterman Create the Access College Early Scholarship Cash Fund and change provisions relating to the Nebraska Education Improvement Fund, Nebraska Opportunity Grant Fund, and Community College Gap Assistance Program Fund
LB63 Lindstrom Change certain deadlines relating to property tax exemptions
LB64 Lindstrom Change provisions relating to the taxation of social security benefits
LB65 Williams Change contractual conflict of interest provisions under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB66 Williams Change deposit, bond, custodial official, and pooled collateral provisions under the Public Funds Deposit Security Act
LB67 Day Change provisions relating to school-based health centers under the Medical Assistance Act
LB68 Day Change provisions relating to reimbursement for services provided by the federal Child Care Subsidy program
LB69 Day Adopt the Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit Act
LB70 Wayne Authorize the State Athletic Commissioner to regulate professional kickboxing and professional bare-knuckle boxing
LB71 Wayne Change provisions relating to intentional tort claims under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act and State Tort Claims Act
LB72 Geist Provide for sale of alcoholic liquor not in its original package
LB73 Geist Direct a portion of the proceeds from the Nebraska Racetrack Gaming Act to county agricultural societies
LB74 Geist Eliminate funding for the Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit Act and state intent regarding use of funds
LB75 Gragert Change provisions relating to township libraries
LB76 Slama Change apportionment of Nebraska's electoral college votes
LB77 Gragert Prohibit insurance risk classifications and rate adjustments based on the fact that the insured is deployed in the military
LB78 Gragert Require applicants for certain license plates to register with the Department of Veterans' Affairs
LB79 Briese Change the minimum amount of relief provided under the Property Tax Credit Act
LB80 Briese Change shipping license fees under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB81 Hilkemann Provide authority for sanitary and improvement districts to own, construct, and maintain public parking facilities
LB82 Hilkemann Change motor vehicle tax schedules
LB83 Flood Change public meeting provisions and provide for virtual conferencing under the Open Meetings Act
LB84 Bostelman Redefine terms relating to tax incentive performance audits and the ImagiNE Nebraska Act
LB85 Bostelman Require Nebraska State Patrol to provide notice of expiration of concealed handgun permits
LB86 Bostelman Require registration for the prescription drug monitoring system
LB87 Morfeld Provide for mental health first aid training for school districts and change provisions relating to the use of lottery funds
LB88 Morfeld Protect free speech rights of student journalists and student media advisers
LB89 Morfeld Allow persons eighteen years of age to make health care decisions and persons under nineteen years of age in correctional facilities to consent to medical and mental health care
LB90 Halloran Change fee provisions under the Pesticide Act and the Nebraska Commercial Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner Act
LB91 Brandt Change germination seed testing provisions under the Nebraska Seed Law
LB92 Clements Change residency requirements for college tuition purposes for students from exempt schools and prohibit discrimination against such students
LB93 Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee Eliminate a reporting requirement regarding marriages
LB94 Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee Prohibit invalidation of certain online notarial acts performed under the Governor's Executive Order
LB95 DeBoer Change provisions relating to garnishment
LB96 DeBoer Change provisions related to sanitary and improvement district hearings
LB97 DeBoer Change provisions relating to adoptions
LB98 Walz Change provisions relating to agricultural or horticultural land receiving special valuation
LB99 Walz Change provisions of the Community Development Law relating to limitations on blighted areas
LB100 Walz Prohibit certain billing practices under the Medical Assistance Act, state intent regarding foster care reimbursement rates increases, and appropriate funds
LB101 Walz Change the date for addition of long-term care services and supports under the medicaid managed care program
LB102 Dorn Provide for transfer of duties of clerks of the district court to clerk magistrates
LB103 Dorn Appropriate funds to aid counties to pay certain federal judgments
LB104 Friesen Allow aggregation of pecuniary losses for criminal mischief offenses
LB105 Friesen Change certification dates for unpaid county claims
LB106 Friesen Change fees relating to access to drivers' records and provide for a new motor vehicle operator's license services system
LB107 McCollister Adopt the Redistricting Act
LB108 McCollister Change provisions relating to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
LB109 Pansing Brooks Provide that photographing or recording a peace officer is not obstruction of justice
LB110 Pansing Brooks Change and provide duties relating to use of force in law enforcement
LB111 Albrecht Change provisions relating to various offenses involving public safety
LB112 Albrecht Require members of the public to be allowed to speak at each meeting subject to the Open Meetings Act
LB113 Albrecht Change provisions relating to motor vehicle titling, licensing, registration, and fees and operators' licenses and permits and authorize a new motor carrier services system
LB114 McCollister Adopt the Clean Slate Act
LB115 McCollister Impose sales tax on candy and soft drinks and provide for distribution of proceeds
LB116 McCollister Change provisions relating to handgun transfer certificates and require suicide prevention training and informational materials
LB117 Cavanaugh, M. Adopt the Hunger-Free Schools Act
LB118 Morfeld Change duration of harassment, sexual assault, and domestic abuse protection orders and change requirements for affidavits
LB119 Cavanaugh, M. Change provisions of the Healthy Pregnancies for Incarcerated Women Act
LB120 Hunt Prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity
LB121 Hunt Change provisions relating to eligibility for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits
LB122 Hunt Change provisions relating to the minimum wage
LB123 Cavanaugh, M. Change meeting requirements for the Legislative Council
LB124 McCollister Change provisions relating to reports of the Inspector General of the Nebraska Correctional System
LB125 McCollister Provide for ranked-choice voting for certain elections
LB126 Halloran Require use of headlights and taillights when windshield wipers are in operation
LB127 Cavanaugh, M. Provide for adjustments to payments to guardians of former state wards
LB128 McCollister Adopt the Residential Tenant Clean Slate Act
LB129 McCollister Change provisions relating to eligibility for services under the Medical Assistance Act
LB130 McCollister Change membership provisions for the Board of Parole
LB131 Hunt Adopt the Municipal Natural Gas System Emergency Assistance Act and change provisions relating to ordinances, bond elections, municipal boundaries, the Community Development Law, and building and plumbing codes
LB132 DeBoer Create the School Financing Review Commission
LB133 Erdman Adopt the Nebraska EPIC Consumption Tax Act and eliminate certain other taxes
LB134 Brandt Require the posting and reporting of tax incentive information under the Taxpayer Transparency Act
LB135 Wishart Change special education reimbursements
LB136 Vargas Change procedures regarding short-term suspension of students
LB137 Vargas Require reporting to the Nebraska Early Childhood Professional Record System
LB138 Vargas Require jails and law enforcement agencies to provide public notice before entering into agreements to enforce federal immigration law
LR1 Blood Express support for the United States Air Force to reestablish the United States Space Command headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base
LR2CA Wayne Constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis for persons twenty-one and older and to require legislation
LR3CA Slama Constitutional amendment to require verification of identity prior to voting
LR4 McKinney Thank former Senator Ernie Chambers for his service to the Legislature and the State of Nebraska and congratulate him on his incredible career of public service
LR5 Gragert Accept the findings and recommendations of the Healthy Soils Task Force submitted to the Governor and the Agriculture Committee
LR6 Gragert Congratulate the Wausa-Osmond High School one-act team on winning the 2020 NSAA Class C-1 state play production championship
LR7 Gragert Congratulate the Creighton High School one-act team on winning the 2020 NSAA Class C-2 state play production championship
LR8 Gragert Congratulate Brad Haglund on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR9 Brandt Congratulate the Bruning-Davenport-Shickley Eagles football team for winning the 2020 Class D-2 state championship
LR10CA Cavanaugh, M. Constitutional amendment to remove felony convictions other than treason from being a disqualification for voting
LR11CA Erdman Constitutional amendment to require enactment of a consumption tax and prohibit certain other forms of taxation