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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB487 Wightman Delivered to Governor Change health care certificate of need provisions
LB488 Revenue Committee General File Change provisions relating to municipal occupation taxes
LB489 Revenue Committee Referral Change the sales tax rate
LB490 Revenue Committee Referral Change income tax rates
LB491 Cook Referral Change calculation of target level of funds under the Nebraska Opportunity Grant Act
LB492 Cook Referral Appropriate funds to carry out the Nebraska Youth Conservation Program
LB493 Davis Delivered to Governor Authorize transfer of portions of the Cowboy Trail
LB494 Davis General File Change number of districts and members of Game and Parks Commission
LB495 Sullivan Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to the Education Innovation Fund and early childhood grant reporting
LB496 Sullivan Referral Change provisions relating to school reorganization incentive payments
LB497 Sullivan Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to funding for education from lottery funds
LB498 Brasch Referral Provide for declaratory judgment and injunctive relief against foreign defamation judgments
LB499 Brasch Delivered to Governor Change powers and duties of Game and Parks Commission
LB500 Brasch Delivered to Governor Change school bus operation provisions
LB501 Hadley Referral Redefine a term in the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB502 Hadley Referral Change a sales tax exemption for health clinics
LB503 Coash General File Rename the Child Protection Act and provide for alternative response to a report of child abuse or neglect
LB504 Coash General File Change Commission on Indian Affairs state assistance for political subdivisions provisions
LB505 Coash General File Provide requirement for insurance coverage of autism spectrum disorders
LB506 Bolz Referral Change elementary class size allowance in the state aid formula
LB507 Campbell Delivered to Governor Adopt the Step Up to Quality Child Care Act
LB508 Campbell Referral Change provisions relating to the aid to dependent children program
LB509 Murante Referral Change election of learning community coordinating council
LB510 Scheer Delivered to Governor Change Open Meetings Act telephone conference call provisions and authorization for videoconferencing and teleconferencing
LB511 Scheer Referral Change allocation provisions relating to the Education Innovation Fund
LB512 Scheer Referral Change provisions relating to academic content standards and statewide assessment and reporting
LB513 Carlson Delivered to Governor Change notice provisions under the Nebraska Ground Water Management and Protection Act
LB514 Carlson Delivered to Governor Provide for new funding mechanisms under the Wastewater Treatment Facilities Construction Assistance Act
LB515 Carlson Referral Change provisions relating to irrigation district elections
LB516 Carlson Referral Adopt the Nebraska Water Legacy Act
LB517 Carlson Delivered to Governor Create the Water Funding Task Force
LB518 Janssen Referral Change certain eligibility provisions of the medical assistance program
LB519 Krist Referral Appropriate funds for improvements at the Nebraska History Museum
LB520 Christensen Referral Allow land surveyors to enter upon public or private lands or waters as prescribed
LB521 Christensen Referral Require cities and villages and other public bodies that maintain web sites to publish ordinances and other information as prescribed
LB522 Christensen Select File Provide state financial assistance to irrigation districts to compensate water appropriators
LB523 Christensen Referral Provide requirements for copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles relating to certain services
LB524 Christensen Referral Adopt the Pharmacy Audit Integrity Act
LB525 Haar Referral Change deadlines under the Election Act
LB526 Howard Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to use of pharmaceutical agents by optometrists
LB527 Howard Referral Change optometry licensure and certification to use pharmaceutical agents
LB528 Howard Delivered to Governor Provide for partner treatment relating to sexually transmitted diseases
LB529 Dubas Referral Change requirements for approval of redevelopment plans under the Community Development Law
LB530 Dubas Delivered to Governor Add, change, and eliminate provisions relating to foster care reimbursements
LB531 Conrad Referral Change distribution of sales and use tax revenue and repeal the Build Nebraska Act
LB532 Conrad Referral Change income tax rates
LB533 Avery Referral Require oil and gas pipeline eminent domain condemnors to provide notice to property owners
LB534 Avery General File Change provisions relating to the Auditor of Public Accounts and the Legislative Performance Audit Section
LB535 Lathrop Referral Adopt Prescription Monitoring Program Act and repeal prescription monitoring provisions
LB536 Business and Labor Committee Delivered to Governor Approve claims against the state
LB537 Business and Labor Committee Referral Deny claims against the state
LB538 Chambers Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to revocation and suspension of law enforcement training certificates or diplomas
LB539 Chambers Referral Prohibit requiring teaching experience for superintendents
LB540 Chambers Referral Prohibit rules and regulations requiring teachers to lead pledge of allegiance
LB541 Chambers General File Prohibit arbitration of claims involving disciplinary actions against peace officers
LB542 Chambers Referral Eliminate an aggravating circumstance regarding death penalty sentencing hearings
LB543 Chambers General File Change a penalty from death to life imprisonment or life imprisonment without possibility of parole
LB544 Hansen General File Require notifications regarding bovine trichomoniasis
LB545 Dubas Delivered to Governor Change Public Service Commission appeal procedures
LB546 Kolowski Delivered to Governor Eliminate and change provisions relating to the review of postsecondary capital construction projects
LB547 Kolowski Referral Provide an income tax credit for payments to school districts for extracurricular activities and character education programs
LB548 Schilz Referral Change a length exception for semitrailers transporting baled livestock forage
LB549 Schilz Delivered to Governor Change the scrap tire program sunset and certain grant allocations
LB550 Schilz Referral Adopt the Livestock Growth Act and change provisions of the Nebraska Advantage Rural Development Act
LB551 Schilz Referral Change recreational liability provisions
LB552 Nordquist Referral Adopt the Cities of the First Class Firefighters Cash Balance Retirement Act
LB553 Nordquist Delivered to Governor Change actuarial valuation of retirement systems and school employee retirement provisions
LB554 Nordquist Referral Change provisions relating to school employee retirement
LB555 Nordquist Referral Adopt the Preparing Students for Educational Success Act
LB556 McGill Delivered to Governor Provide for telehealth services for children, change the medical assistance program, and provide duties for the Department of Health and Human Services
LB557 McGill Referral Change provisions relating to net metering and authorize community solar gardens
LB558 Kintner Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to certain declaratory judgments and illegal taxes paid
LB559 Mello Select File Adopt a short-time compensation program under the Employment Security Law
LB560 Mello Delivered to Governor Change provisions of the Nebraska Wage Payment and Collection Act
LB561 Ashford Delivered to Governor Change provisions and transfer responsibilities regarding the juvenile justice system
LB562 Ashford Referral Change provisions of the juvenile justice system
LB563 Krist Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to contracts for services
LB564 Nelson Referral Adopt the Health Care Freedom of Conscience Act
LB565 Nelson Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to registering to vote and requesting a ballot for early voting at the same time
LB566 Karpisek Referral Create the Educational Technology Infrastructure Grant Program
LB567 Haar Referral Change provisions relating to approval of electric generation facilities and transmission lines
LB568 Harr Delivered to Governor Adopt the Health Insurance Exchange Navigator Registration Act
LB569 Harr Referral Appropriate funds to the Supreme Court for county court employees
LB570 Harr Referral Adopt the Employers Certainty in Records Act
LB571 Harr Referral Adopt the Community Enhancement Financing Assistance Act
LB572 Harr Referral Change the Nebraska Advantage Act and provisions relating to extraordinary dividends and capital gains on certain capital stock
LB573 Harr Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to an adjustment to income for certain capital gains and extraordinary dividends
LB574 Harr General File Provide that certain assessments are levied and collected as special assessments
LB575 Harr Referral Provide for professional development training for school board and learning community coordinating council members
LB576 Harr Referral Require flagging of area near polling places and change restrictions on electioneering
LB577 Campbell General File Change provisions relating to the medical assistance program
LB578 Nordquist General File Create a fund to provide funding for medicaid services and change distribution of premium tax revenue
LB579 Karpisek Delivered to Governor Provide a duty regarding administration and enforcement of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB580 Johnson Referral Change certain condemnation procedures
LB581 Crawford Referral Change the sales and use tax collection fees
LB582 Carlson Referral Appropriate funds to the Nebraska Tourism Commission
LB583 Haar Delivered to Governor Provide duties for the Climate Assessment Response Committee
LB584 Smith Referral Change Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act medical guidelines and independent medical examiner provisions
LB585 Smith Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to learning communities and learning community coordinating councils
LB586 Mello Referral Provide content for rules and regulations relating to child care and preschools
LB587 Schilz Referral Change provisions of the Livestock Brand Act
LB588 Watermeier Delivered to Governor Change veteran employment preference provisions
LB589 Watermeier Delivered to Governor Change provisions of the One-Call Notification System Act
LB590 Lautenbaugh General File License and regulate wagering on historic horseracing
LB591 Lautenbaugh Referral Change civil service commission membership
LB592 Lautenbaugh Referral Authorize the carrying of concealed handguns by qualified law enforcement officers and qualified retired law enforcement officers
LB593 Lautenbaugh Referral Adopt the Charter Schools Act
LB594 Price Referral Provide Nebraska Investment Council duties relating to administration of the Nebraska Veterans' Aid Fund
LB595 Price Delivered to Governor Provide for a Public Service Commission study of next-generation 911
LB596 Price Referral Change provisions relating to specialty license plates and Purple Heart license plates
LB597 Larson Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to county agricultural societies
LB598 Larson Referral Change provisions relating to net metering
LB599 Sullivan Referral Change exemptions relating to school budget limitations
LB600 Wightman Referral Change inheritance tax rates
LB601 Bloomfield Referral Require notice for natural resources district subcommittee meetings
LB602 Bloomfield Referral Adopt the Nebraska Firearms Freedom Act
LB603 Chambers General File Include affirmation as an alternative when an oath is required
LB604 Haar Referral Change computation of the cost growth factor relating to state aid to schools
LB605 Pirsch Referral Provide for Telehealth Behavioral Health Services Program
LB606 Pirsch General File Adopt the Nebraska Technology Entrepreneur Act to provide sales and use tax refunds to certain businesses
LB607 Pirsch Referral Change provisions relating to protection order violations and conditions of release violations
LB608 Pirsch Referral Change provisions relating to stalking
LB609 Pirsch Referral Create the Nebraska's Emerging Future Subcommittee of the Legislature's Planning Committee
LB610 Pirsch Referral Change provisions relating to terroristic threats
LB611 Pirsch Referral Redefine serious bodily injury for purposes of domestic assault
LB612 Schumacher Delivered to Governor Require the Department of Revenue to present reports to legislative committees
LB613 Schumacher Delivered to Governor Change investigatory powers of the Legislative Council and legislative committees
LB614 Schumacher Referral Provide for withholding insurance proceeds for demolition costs
LB615 Schumacher Referral Provide for summary guardianships
LB616 Schumacher Delivered to Governor Adopt the Nebraska Money Transmitters Act and eliminate the Nebraska Sale of Checks and Funds Transmission Act and provide penalties
LB617 Schumacher Referral Change provisions of the Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund Act
LB618 Karpisek Referral Create the Agricultural Land Valuation Task Force
LB619 Haar Referral Require instruction in sexual health education
LB620 Legislative Performance Audit Committee Delivered to Governor Require the Department of Administrative Services and University of Nebraska to present health insurance management plans to the Appropriations Committee
LB621 Karpisek Referral Exempt certain information from disclosure under the Intergovernmental Risk Management Act
LB622 Haar Referral Change provisions relating to a report filed with the Nebraska Power Review Board
LB623 Price Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to bridge construction and road improvements
LB624 Pirsch Referral Provide for fees for copies of motor vehicle accident reports
LB625 Conrad General File Change income eligibility provisions relating to federal child care assistance
LB626 Conrad Referral Eliminate an income reduction for extraordinary dividends and certain capital gains
LB627 Conrad Referral Provide for termination of certain tax incentives as prescribed
LB628 Conrad Delivered to Governor Change and extend the Small Business Innovation Act
LB629 Conrad Delivered to Governor Change provisions of the Tax Expenditure Reporting Act and require additional information regarding budget submissions from the Governor
LB630 Kolowski Referral Redefine place of employment for Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act
LB631 Harr Referral Change provisions relating to garnishment
LB632 Bolz Referral Change funding for county offices relating to public assistance programs
LB633 Nordquist Referral Include contract violations under disciplinary provisions of Civil Service Act
LB634 Davis Delivered to Governor Adopt the Wildfire Control Act of 2013
LB635 Wallman Referral Provide powers and duties regarding hydraulic fracturing to the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
LB636 Wallman Referral Provide restrictions for application of certain herbicides
LB637 Wallman General File Require an economic analysis of rules and regulations proposed by the Department of Environmental Quality
LB638 Nelson Referral Provide a cash balance retirement system for school employees
LB639 Nelson Referral Make new judges and state patrol officers members of the state employees retirement system
LB640 Hadley Referral Change provisions relating to the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
LB641 Sullivan Referral Appropriate funds to the Nebraska State Historical Society
LB642 Mello General File Prohibit receiving certain types of wagers on horseracing
LB643 Davis Delivered to Governor Change certain provisions regarding nuisances in cities and villages
LB644 Davis Referral Adopt the Contract Carrier Safety Act
LB645 Haar Referral Change teacher education allowance and fall personnel report provisions
LB646 Murante Delivered to Governor Change election provisions for public power districts
LB647 Davis Delivered to Governor Change cattle identification provisions of the Animal Importation Act
LB648 Pirsch Referral Change penalty for public indecency
LB649 Karpisek Referral Change certain penalties relating to operating a motor vehicle during a revocation period and tampering with an ignition interlock device
LB650 Karpisek Referral Include asphalt crack filler trailers in the definition of trailer under the Motor Vehicle Registration Act
LB651 Davis Referral Eliminate property tax levy and provide for state funding of community colleges
LB652 Lautenbaugh Referral Provide procedures for taking grievances by certain county corrections officers to the Civil Service Commission
LB653 Davis Referral Change and provide for distribution of the gallonage tax on beer
LB654 Davis Referral Change the brand inspection area under the Livestock Brand Act
LB655 Carlson Referral Permit collection of fees for insurance consultants
LR40 Davis Referral Request the United States Forest Service to reconsider its original decision not to pay a proportionate share of the replacement costs of fences destroyed by wildfires between private and public lands in certain counties
LR41CA Lautenbaugh Delivered to Governor Constitutional amendment authorizing legislation for licensing and regulating wagering on live or replayed horseraces
LR42 Brasch Referral Urge Congress to pass the Parental Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution and submit it to the states for ratification
LR43 Seiler Congratulate David L. Wacker, Jr., for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout