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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB282 Louden Referral Appropriate funds to the Designated Collection Fund for use by the Commission on Indian Affairs
LB283 Haar Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to property tax levy limits and provide school boards with tax levy and bond authority relating to energy efficiency projects
LB284 Krist Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to unlawful picketing of a funeral
LB285 Krist Referral Change provisions relating to veterans homes and veterans aid
LB286 Krist Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to a direct sales shipping license fee under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB287 Adams Referral Change provisions relating to summer school and early childhood summer sessions
LB288 Mello Referral Adopt the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act
LB289 Mello Delivered to Governor Authorize operation of low-speed vehicles on certain public roads, provide registration fees for vehicles using alternative fuels, and eliminate alternative fuel permits and fees
LB290 Pankonin Referral Change health care information required to be given to a patient upon request
LB291 Nelson Referral Change periodic payment modification provisions under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB292 Avery Delivered to Governor Eliminate per diems for members of the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission
LB293 Avery Referral Change provisions relating to reclaiming of property from a pawnbroker or junk dealer
LB294 Karpisek Referral Prohibit alcohol sales during certain hours to persons who are twenty-one years old
LB295 Lathrop Referral Provide a complaint procedure with the Public Service Commission regarding towing and storage fees
LB296 Coash General File Eliminate oath requirements for filing of a criminal complaint and for verifying information
LB297 Dubas Delivered to Governor Change the Local, Civic, Cultural, and Convention Center Act
LB298 Christensen Referral Change provisions relating to self-protection
LB299 Karpisek General File Change horseracing provisions to authorize contracts for live race meetings and change licensing requirements
LB300 Ashford Referral Change provisions relating to the Community Trust
LB301 Ashford Referral Change provisions for sealing records under the Nebraska Juvenile Code
LB302 Ashford General File Provide for a restructuring plan for the court system
LB303 McCoy Delivered to Governor Eliminate restriction on investment in certain corporations doing business in Northern Ireland
LB304 McGill General File Provide for treatment of sexually transmitted diseases as prescribed
LB305 Larson Delivered to Governor Change permitted uses of the Commercial Feed Administration Cash Fund and require the Director of Agriculture to report regarding implementation of a state meat and poultry inspection program
LB306 Larson Referral Require certain entities to provide care and shelter to equine animals
LB307 Karpisek Referral Require continued DROP contributions under the Nebraska State Patrol Retirement Act
LB308 Urban Affairs Committee Delivered to Governor Provide terms of office for certain municipal officers
LB309 Urban Affairs Committee Delivered to Governor Provide for reapportionment of special assessments made by a city of the first class, city of the second class, or village as prescribed
LB310 McGill Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to protection orders
LB311 Karpisek Delivered to Governor Change penalties of out-of-state licensees under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB312 Coash Referral Adopt the Brain Injury Act to provide ongoing support for veterans with brain injury
LB313 Nordquist Referral Adopt the Tobacco-Free Schools Act and change school accreditation provisions
LB314 Karpisek Delivered to Governor Provide an exception for wine retailers relating to certain sales practices
LB315 Langemeier Delivered to Governor Permit organization as a corporation or professional corporation by a designated broker under the Nebraska Real Estate License Act
LB316 Heidemann Referral Change provisions relating to the practice of optometry
LB317 Conrad Referral Adopt the Nebraska Revised Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act
LB318 Cornett Referral Redefine qualified claimant for homestead exemption purposes
LB319 Cornett Referral Change reimbursement for homestead exemptions
LB320 Cornett Referral Change homestead exemption income limitations
LB321 Cornett Referral Change calculations relating to homestead exemptions
LB322 Cornett Referral Provide requirements for prescription drug insurance
LB323 Cornett Referral Change the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB324 Howard Referral Require fetal alcohol determination prior to adoption of a state ward
LB325 Howard Referral Appropriate funds for behavioral health care in Region 6 as prescribed
LB326 Janssen Delivered to Governor Eliminate committees on intergovernmental cooperation
LB327 Campbell Referral Change motor vehicle fees and distribution of the proceeds
LB328 Fischer Referral Provide for amendment of hydropower appropriations as prescribed
LB329 Cook Delivered to Governor Update the International Energy Conservation Code and change Nebraska Energy Code provisions
LB330 Cook General File Change requirements for dental hygienists in public health-related settings
LB331 Education Committee Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to an educational telecommunications network
LB332 Education Committee Delivered to Governor Change compensation provisions for the Board of Educational Lands and Funds
LB333 Education Committee Delivered to Governor Change allocation provisions relating to the Education Innovation Fund
LB334 Education Committee Delivered to Governor Change and eliminate certain postsecondary education positions and programs
LB335 McGill Delivered to Governor Provide for the waiver of municipal bidding procedures
LB336 Karpisek General File Authorize outside employment for Nebraska Liquor Control Commission employees
LB337 Fulton Delivered to Governor Change timeframes for audits by the Auditor of Public Accounts
LB338 Howard Referral Provide preference requirements for state service and personal property contracts
LB339 Ashford Referral Change Nebraska Juvenile Code predisposition evaluation procedures
LB340 Dubas Referral Adopt the Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Notification Act
LB341 Smith Referral Include benefits under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act as income for support payments
LB342 Brasch Delivered to Governor Change election hours for drainage districts
LB343 Brasch General File Change land surveyor registration requirements
LB344 Ashford Select File Provide for an interjurisdictional planning commission for counties containing a city of the metropolitan class
LB345 Conrad Delivered to Governor Adopt the Small Business Innovation Act
LB346 Conrad Referral Authorize contempt powers for Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court
LB347 McCoy Delivered to Governor Authorize interest-bearing trust accounts under the Nebraska Real Estate License Act
LR21 Janssen Referral Provide the Legislature reject the Affordable Care Act and call for repeal of the act by Congress
LR22 Fulton Referral Resolution for an amendment to the United States Constitution providing for repeal of federal law or regulation by vote of two-thirds of state legislatures