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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB291 Nelson Indefinitely postponed Change periodic payment modification provisions under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB418 Nelson Indefinitely postponed Exclude certain automatic dialing-announcing devices from registration
LB419 Nelson Indefinitely postponed Change restrictions on certain expenditures under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB449 Nelson Passed Change the Election Act
LB664 Nelson Indefinitely postponed Repeal the Industrial Relations Act and the State Employees Collective Bargaining Act and prohibit public collective bargaining and work stoppage
LB938 Nelson Indefinitely postponed Require a uniform reimbursement rate for adult day services
LB1037 Nelson Indefinitely postponed Change matching requirements for arts funding
LB1089 Nelson Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds for construction of a cancer research facility
LB1162 Nelson Indefinitely postponed Provide for appointment of nonresidents as notaries public
LR29CA Nelson Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment to prohibit government from engaging in collective bargaining
LR469 Nelson Congratulate the Omaha Central High School boys' basketball team for winning the 2012 Class A State championship
LR517 Nelson Referral Interim study to examine the benefits of adult day service programs currently provided to Nebraska seniors