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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB92 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change caseload provisions for public child welfare service caseworkers
LB93 Howard Indefinitely postponed State legislative intent with respect to administrators' salaries within the Division of Children and Family Services of the Department of Health and Human Services
LB94 Howard Passed Allow petitioners for adoption of a state ward to read the child's case file
LB95 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require accreditation by lead agencies and a moratorium on agencies contracting with the Department of Health and Human Services and change requirements for child-caring agencies
LB193 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change cost provisions for proceedings before the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
LB194 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change salary and benefit provisions of members of the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
LB237 Howard Passed Provide for creation of a prescription drug monitoring program
LB267 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require application for a waiver to limit the types of beverages which may be purchased with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits
LB268 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require return to the payee of insufficient funds checks
LB324 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require fetal alcohol determination prior to adoption of a state ward
LB325 Howard Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds for behavioral health care in Region 6 as prescribed
LB338 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide preference requirements for state service and personal property contracts
LB369 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require state agencies to develop and implement energy conservation plans
LB401 Howard Passed Require assisted-living facilities to provide written information to applicants for admission
LB402 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change penalties relating to third-degree assault on a social worker and provide for social worker safety training
LB438 Howard Indefinitely postponed Increase fines for handicapped parking infractions
LB497 Howard Indefinitely postponed Suspend requirements for percentage of appropriations for works of art in public buildings as prescribed
LB520 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to student transportation
LB542 Howard Passed Require hospitals to offer and require employee influenza vaccinations as prescribed
LB767 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require records of dates and hours of work for state officers and employees
LB768 Howard Passed Change provisions relating to access to adoption case files
LB774 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change and add reporting requirements relating to child welfare
LB831 Howard Passed Adopt the Genetic Counseling Practice Act
LB832 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require a report on qualifications by proposed appointee as chief executive officer of the Department of Health and Human Services
LB837 Howard Indefinitely postponed Create a task force to review use of certain drugs by wards of the state
LB874 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change foster care licensure provisions
LB875 Howard Indefinitely postponed Prohibit driving while using wireless communication devices in school crossing zones and construction zones
LB958 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide for appropriations to the Nursing Faculty Student Loan Act
LB988 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide a rate of payment for certain medical services in emergency protective custody situations
LB1047 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require safe injection practices as prescribed
LB1048 Howard Indefinitely postponed Increase an appropriation for nurse visitation services as prescribed
LB1077 Howard Passed Require certain health care facilities to offer vaccinations to residents and patients
LR34 Howard Recognize the month of March 2011 as Professional Social Work Month in Nebraska
LR36 Howard Extend sympathy to the family of Brady Kruse
LR107 Howard Designate October 2011 as Nebraska School Bullying Prevention Month
LR109 Howard Congratulate Dr. Harris Frankel for being named the eHealth Physician Advocate of the Year
LR110 Howard Designate October 2011 as Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Month in Nebraska
LR113 Howard Designate September 9, 2011, as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day in Nebraska
LR114 Howard Designate November 2011 as Prematurity Awareness Month in Nebraska
LR143 Howard Recognize the Nebraska Legislative League for nearly a century of commitment to public service
LR279 Howard Referral Interim study to examine issues relating to the compensation and benefits of the commissioners of the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
LR290 Howard Referral Interim study to examine the procedures of the Dept. of Health and Human Services relating to the evaluation of state wards for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders prior to adoption
LR291 Howard Referral Interim study to evaluate methods of reporting and preventing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs)
LR292 Howard Referral Interim study to examine cellular phone related safety issues in construction and school zones
LR447 Howard Designate October 2012 as Nebraska Bullying Prevention Month
LR448 Howard Recognize Film Streams for its contribution to the arts in Nebraska
LR449 Howard Recognize March 2012 as Professional Social Work Month in Nebraska
LR458 Howard Recognize April 2012 as Child Abuse Prevention Month in Nebraska
LR459 Howard Recognize November 2012 as Adoption Month in Nebraska
LR505 Howard Referral Interim study to examine methods of ensuring that medical professionals, who as part of their scope of practice provide injections to human patients, are following safe injection practices
LR526 Howard Congratulate Dr. Ann Coyne on her receipt of the National Association of Social Workers Lifetime Achievement Award and thank her for her service to Nebraska