Nebraska Revised Statute 79-806

Chapter 79


Legislative findings; purpose of sections.

(1) The Legislature finds that there is an educator workforce shortage in this state and that efforts need to be made to recruit, prepare, retain, and support the teaching profession while maintaining high-quality educators in our classrooms around the state.

(2) The purpose of sections 79-806 to 79-815 is to provide more flexibility in the certification of qualified educators for Nebraska schools and not to decrease any requirements for certificates to teach, provide special services, and administer in Nebraska schools.


Cross References

  • Excellence in Teaching Act, see section 85-3101.


  • This statute is merely declarative of the Legislature's purpose in enacting this series of statutes. It has been modified by deletion of part of section 79-1247.06, R.R.S.1943, which allowed completion of two years of a college program as the maximum requirement for teaching. State ex rel. Douglas v. Faith Baptist Church of Louisville, 207 Neb. 802, 301 N.W.2d 571 (1981).