Nebraska Revised Statute 77-6833

Chapter 77


Incentives; recapture or disallowance; conditions; procedure.

(1) If the taxpayer fails to maintain employment and investment levels at or above the levels required in the agreement for the entire performance period, all or a portion of the incentives set forth in the ImagiNE Nebraska Act shall be recaptured or disallowed. For purposes of this section, the average compensation and health coverage requirements of subdivision (1)(c) of section 77-6831 shall be treated as a required level of employment for each year of the performance period.

(2) In the case of a taxpayer who has failed to maintain the required levels of employment or investment for the entire performance period, any reduction in the personal property tax, any refunds in tax or exemptions from tax allowed under section 77-6831, and any refunds or reduction in tax allowed because of the use of a credit allowed under section 77-6831 shall be partially recaptured from either the taxpayer, the owner of the improvement to real estate, or the qualified employee leasing company, and any carryovers of credits shall be partially disallowed. The amount of the recapture for each benefit shall be a percentage equal to the number of years the taxpayer did not maintain the required levels of investment or employment divided by the number of years of the performance period multiplied by the refunds, exemptions, or reductions in tax allowed, reduction in personal property tax, credits used, and the remaining carryovers. In addition, the last remaining year of personal property tax exemption shall be disallowed for each year the taxpayer did not maintain the qualified location or locations at or above the required levels of employment or investment.

(3) If the taxpayer receives any refund, exemption, or reduction in tax to which the taxpayer was not entitled or which was in excess of the amount to which the taxpayer was entitled, the refund, exemption, or reduction in tax shall be recaptured separate from any other recapture otherwise required by this section. Any amount recaptured under this subsection shall be excluded from the amounts subject to recapture under other subsections of this section.

(4) Any refunds, exemptions, or reduction in tax due, to the extent required to be recaptured, shall be deemed to be an underpayment of the tax and shall be immediately due and payable. When tax benefits were received in more than one year, the tax benefits received in the most recent year shall be recovered first and then the benefits received in earlier years up to the extent of the required recapture.

(5)(a) Any personal property tax that would have been due except for the exemption allowed under the ImagiNE Nebraska Act, to the extent it becomes due under this section, shall be considered delinquent and shall be immediately due and payable to the county or counties in which the property was located when exempted.

(b) All amounts received by a county under this section shall be allocated to each taxing unit levying taxes on tangible personal property in the county in the same proportion that the levy on tangible personal property of such taxing unit bears to the total levy of all of such taxing units.

(6) Notwithstanding any other limitations contained in the laws of this state, collection of any taxes deemed to be underpayments by this section shall be allowed for a period of three years after the end of the performance period or three calendar years after the benefit was allowed, whichever is later.

(7) Any amounts due under this section shall be recaptured notwithstanding other allowable credits and shall not be subsequently refunded under any provision of the ImagiNE Nebraska Act unless the recapture was in error.

(8) The recapture required by this section shall not occur if the failure to maintain the required levels of employment or investment was caused by an act of God or a national emergency.