Nebraska Revised Statute 60-4,119

Chapter 60


Operators' licenses; state identification cards; digital image and digital signature; issuance; procedure.

(1) All state identification cards and operators' licenses, except farm permits, shall include a digital image and a digital signature of the cardholder or licensee as provided in section 60-484.02. Receipts for state identification cards and operators' licenses shall include a digital image of the cardholder or licensee and shall be issued by the county treasurer or the Department of Motor Vehicles. The director shall negotiate and enter into a contract to provide the necessary equipment, supplies, and forms for the issuance of the licenses and cards. All costs incurred by the Department of Motor Vehicles under this section shall be paid by the state out of appropriations made to the department. All costs of capturing the digital images and digital signatures shall be paid by the issuer from the fees provided to the issuer pursuant to section 60-4,115.

(2) A person who is out of the state at the time of renewal of his or her operator's license may apply for a license upon payment of a fee as provided in section 60-4,115. The license may be issued at any time within one year after the expiration of the original license. Such application shall be made to the department, and the department shall issue the license.

(3) Any operator's license and any state identification card issued to a minor as defined in section 53-103.23, as such definition may be amended from time to time by the Legislature, shall be of a distinct designation, of a type prescribed by the director, from the operator's license or state identification card of a person who is not a minor.


  • Applicant who otherwise qualifies for a motor vehicle license may not be denied such a license for failure to allow her photograph to be taken when the applicant refuses to have photograph taken because of deeply held religious beliefs. Quaring v. Peterson, 728 F.2d 1121 (8th Cir. 1984).