Nebraska Revised Statute 60-4,118.06

Chapter 60


Ignition interlock permit; issued; when; operation restriction; revocation of permit by director; when.

(1) Upon receipt by the director of (a) a certified copy of a court order issued pursuant to section 60-6,211.05, a certified copy of an order for installation of an ignition interlock device and issuance of an ignition interlock permit pursuant to section 60-6,197.03, or a copy of an order from the Board of Pardons pursuant to section 83-1,127.02, (b) sufficient evidence that the person has surrendered his or her operator's license to the department and installed an approved ignition interlock device in accordance with such order, and (c) payment of the fee provided in section 60-4,115, such person may apply for an ignition interlock permit. A person subject to administrative license revocation under sections 60-498.01 to 60-498.04 shall be eligible for an ignition interlock permit as provided in such sections. The director shall issue an ignition interlock permit only for the operation of a motor vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device. All permits issued pursuant to this subsection shall indicate that the permit is not valid for the operation of any commercial motor vehicle.

(2) Upon expiration of the revocation period or upon expiration of an order issued by the Board of Pardons pursuant to section 83-1,127.02, a person may apply to the department in writing for issuance of an operator's license. Regardless of whether the license surrendered by such person under subsection (1) of this section has expired, the person shall apply for a new operator's license pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Operator's License Act.

(3)(a) An ignition interlock permit shall not be issued under this section or sections 60-498.01 to 60-498.04 to any person except in cases of a violation of subdivision (3)(b) or (c) of section 28-306, subdivision (3)(b) or (c) of section 28-394, or section 28-1254, 60-6,196, 60-6,197, 60-6,197.06, or 60-6,198.

(b) An ignition interlock permit shall only be available to a holder of a Class M or O operator's license.

(4) The director shall revoke a person's ignition interlock permit issued under this section or sections 60-498.01 to 60-498.04 upon receipt of an (a) abstract of conviction indicating that the person had his or her operating privileges revoked or canceled or (b) administrative order revoking or canceling the person's operating privileges, if such conviction or order resulted from an incident other than the incident which resulted in the application for the ignition interlock permit.