Nebraska Revised Statute 43-1901

Chapter 43


Legislative findings.

The Legislature hereby finds that the large number of confirmed cases of child abuse and neglect places an enormous burden upon the citizens and government of Nebraska because victimized and maltreated children often bear the scars of abuse and neglect for many years and even throughout their lives. The Legislature recognizes that siblings, parents, and entire families suffer from the disruption and turmoil which accompany incidents of child abuse and neglect.

The Legislature further recognizes that the taxpaying public labors under the heavy economic burden of paying for the destructive effects of child abuse including subsequent juvenile delinquency, educational problems, adult criminal activity, mental illness, and poor parenting behavior.

The Legislature further recognizes that child abuse and neglect is a problem that should be approached through prevention efforts and that society presently possesses the ability to prevent many of these problems before the suffering and social costs begin to mount.

It is the expressed intent of sections 43-1901 to 43-1906 to make the prevention of child abuse and neglect a priority of this state and to establish the Nebraska Child Abuse Prevention Fund as a means to that end.


  • Laws 1986, LB 333, § 1.