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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB74 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Exempt social security benefits from state income taxation
LB75 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Exempt military retirement benefits from taxation as prescribed
LB223 Janssen Passed Redefine utility-type vehicles
LB224 Janssen Passed Provide a preference for awarding state contracts to resident disabled veterans and certain businesses
LB381 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Require photographic identification to vote
LB382 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Change presidential elector selection and voting requirements
LB383 Janssen Passed Provide for Military Honor Plates and change certain license plate fee provisions
LB383A Janssen Passed Appropriation Bill
LB451 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Prohibit federal restrictions on firearms, magazines, and firearm accessories as prescribed
LB518 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Change certain eligibility provisions of the medical assistance program
LB721 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Change tax provisions
LB763 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Require reports from state agencies on inefficient programs
LB839 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Extend the effective period for a continuing lien for a garnishment in aid of execution
LB900 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Change a Nebraska Uniform Trust Code provision governing charitable trusts
LB938 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Provide an income tax credit to individuals who pay a federal health insurance penalty
LB1010 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Nebraska Enterprise Act and authorize the Governor to award economic development grants
LB1011 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Change the time limit on amending or repealing a municipal initiative
LB1055 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Provide for tuition-free credits for veterans and military personnel as prescribed
LR9 Janssen Express thanks to Roy Lemons for his service to his community, his state, and his country
LR10 Janssen Express sympathy to the family of Richard "Dick" Wikert
LR11 Janssen Congratulate the Fremont High School boys' cross country team for winning the 2012 Class A state championship
LR32 Janssen Extend sympathy to the family of Doug Nabb
LR37 Janssen Extend sympathy to the family of James Ebers
LR48 Janssen Extend sympathy to the family of Don Dolejs
LR49 Janssen Congratulate Jordan Larson and her teammates on winning a silver medal in the women's volleyball competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics
LR75 Janssen Recognize Frank Freeouf for his service to the State of Nebraska
LR88 Janssen Extend sympathy to the family of David Heywood
LR220 Janssen Extend sympathy to the family of Arch Lustberg
LR452 Janssen Honor Donald K. Schwab as a posthumous recipient of the Medal of Honor
LR459 Janssen Congratulate the Fremont-Logan View boys' bowling team for winning the 2014 Class A state championship
LR460 Janssen Congratulate the North Bend boys' and girls' bowling teams for winning the 2014 Class C state championships
LR495 Janssen Congratulate Sheila Monke on her selection as the 2014 Nebraska Mother of the Year
LR507 Janssen Congratulate the Fremont Bergan High School boys' basketball team for winning the 2014 Class C-2 state championship