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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB256 Briese Delivered to Governor Adopt the Vacant Property Registration Act
LB845 Briese Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to court proceedings involving family members
LB1000 Briese Delivered to Governor Require a bond election under the Public Facilities Construction and Finance Act
LB418 Briese General File Update certain references to federal regulations regarding motor vehicles and motor carriers
LB494 Briese General File Provide for withholding public records relating to energy infrastructure
LB1015 Briese General File Allow withholding from public of reports of injury under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act that reveal an employee's identity
LB312 Briese Referral Change and eliminate revenue and taxation provisions
LB313 Briese Referral Change the sales tax rate and the earned income tax credit and provide property tax credits
LB456 Briese Referral Provide for supportive services for disabled parents in family and dependency matters
LB457 Briese Referral Change exceptions to school district levy and budget exceptions for voluntary termination agreements
LB846 Briese Referral Change provisions relating to findings and the enforceability of certain agreements under the Community Development Law
LB976 Briese Referral Provide a reporting duty for the Beginning Farmer Board under the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act
LB1001 Briese Referral Provide for a review of the financing of schools
LB1016 Briese Referral Adopt the Money Transmission Fee Act and provide income tax credits
LB1084 Briese Referral Adopt the Property Tax Request Limitation Act, provide sunset dates for certain tax exemptions and incentives, and change other revenue and taxation provisions
LR459 Briese Referral Interim study to create legislation to assure that no person will be discriminated against on the basis of a disability in situations arising under the juvenile code in which he or she faces termination or limitation of his or her parental rights
LR460 Briese Referral Interim study to create legislation to assure no person will be discriminated against on the basis of a disability when he or she is being considered as an adoptive parent in an adoption or obtaining guardianship or foster parenting status or placement
LR462 Briese Referral Interim study to examine the possible elimination of various exemptions of goods and exclusions of services under Nebraska's sales and use tax laws