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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB238 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Exempt social security and certain retirement benefits from state income taxation
LB321 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Change a provision relating to disability retirement payments
LB368 Crawford Passed Create a subsidized employment pilot program within the Department of Health and Human Services
LB368A Crawford Passed Appropriation Bill
LB429 Crawford Passed Require disclosure of state contracts
LB429A Crawford Passed Appropriation Bill
LB430 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Change asset limitation for the aid to dependent children program, child care subsidy, and the Welfare Reform Act
LB581 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Change the sales and use tax collection fees
LB718 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Change procedures for adoption of rules and regulations and require publication of certain information
LB718A Crawford Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LB719 Crawford Passed Require a report and change complaint procedures regarding rules and regulations
LB720 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Provide and change complaint procedures for rules and regulations
LB740 Crawford Passed Provide residency requirements for postsecondary education purposes for veterans and their family members
LB769 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to military parents under the Parenting Act
LB786 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Emergency Contact Registry Act and provide powers and duties for the Department of Motor Vehicles
LB852 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to asbestos regulation
LB902 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Exempt military retirement income from state income taxation
LB915 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Provide for a person to accept city or village ordinance violation notices during mortgage foreclosure or trust deed default
LB916 Crawford Governor Veto Eliminate integrated practice agreements and provide for transition-to-practice agreements for nurse practitioners
LB1101 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Change and eliminate provisions relating to state aid and learning communities
LB1102 Crawford Withdrawn Redefine marijuana and authorize the medical use of hemp extract as prescribed
LR45 Crawford Congratulate Sergeant Saral Shrestha for being named the 2012 United States Army Soldier of the Year
LR73 Crawford Congratulate the Omaha Gross Catholic High School football team on winning the 2012 Class B state football championship
LR153 Crawford Congratulate Johnny Torres, Assistant Coach of the Creighton University men's soccer team, for receiving national recognition for his work as a coach and mentor
LR156 Crawford Congratulate Jerry Mosser on being the first honoree inducted into the Bellevue University Athletic Hall of Fame and recognize his years of service
LR159 Crawford Congratulate the Bellevue Mission Middle School's science olympiad team on winning the middle school division at the 2013 Nebraska Science Olympiad and extend best wishes at the national tournament
LR160 Crawford Congratulate Bellevue East High School and Bellevue West High School for their achievements at the 2013 Nebraska Science Olympiad
LR170 Crawford Referral Interim study to examine the liability insurance mandate contained in the Child Care Licensing Act
LR180 Crawford Congratulate Janis Elliott for receiving the NSEA Teaching Excellence Award and commend her for her dedication and service
LR201 Crawford Referral Interim study to examine policy options available to the State of Nebraska to support military installations, military families, and veterans and their families
LR228 Crawford Referral Interim study to examine the process by which military spouses and veterans obtain occupational licenses
LR433 Crawford Referral Interim study to examine issues relating to production, possession, and use of hemp oil for the purposes of treating epileptic seizures
LR476 Crawford Congratulate Alysia Augustus for being a recipient of the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
LR490 Crawford Congratulate Brent Myers on being selected as a National History Day Behring Teacher Ambassador
LR492 Crawford Congratulate Marissa Janning on being named the 2014 Big East Conference Women's Basketball Player of the Year
LR493 Crawford Congratulate Dr. Subhash Bhatia on receiving the 2014 Irma Bland Award for Excellence in Teaching Residents from the American Psychiatric Association
LR502 Crawford Congratulate Connie Yori on being named the 2014 Big Ten Conference Women's Basketball Coach of the Year
LR533 Crawford Referral Interim study to assess the enrollment of former foster youth in the new medicaid category for youth formerly in foster care up to age 26 in Nebraska under the new federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
LR555 Crawford Referral Interim study to examine how cities and villages provide services to residents located in the extraterritorial jurisdiction or sanitary improvement districts of such cities and villages
LR582 Crawford Referral Interim study to review the work of the Task Force on Unfunded Mandates created in 1996 and to study the impacts of unfunded and underfunded mandates on counties and county governments
LR583 Crawford Referral Interim study to assess the behavioral health and mental health needs of Nebraska's K-12 students and available resources to meet those needs
LR585 Crawford Referral Interim study to examine the Nebraska statutes relating to cities of the first class
LR623 Crawford Congratulate Jabaree Culliver for being named the 2014 Nebraska Youth of the Year, Loriana Harkey for being named the 2014 Nebraska Military Youth of the Year, and Jason Towery for being named the 2014 Lincoln-Lancaster County Youth of the Year