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LB1034 Riepe Passed Change credentialing provisions for health care professions and occupations and licensure provisions for health care facilities and services and school-age child care programs and adopt the EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact and the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact
LB1035 Riepe Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the Stroke System of Care Act
LB1036 Kolowski Passed Change the expenditure limit for a recognition dinner under the Local Government Miscellaneous Expenditure Act
LB1037 Baker Indefinitely postponed Change provisions of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act relating to a potential conflict of interest by an elected office holder of certain cities or villages or a school district
LB1038 Thibodeau Passed Provide a deadline for electronic voter registration
LB1039 Linehan Indefinitely postponed Increase the amount that may be required for a pet deposit under the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
LB1040 Albrecht Passed Provide for commemorative certificates of nonviable birth
LB1041 Wishart Indefinitely postponed Require specific training for foster care licensees on sexual abuse
LB1042 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change and eliminate provisions relating to nail technology
LB1043 Lowe Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to reimbursement of common and contract carriers for transportation costs associated with certain agency clients as prescribed
LB1044 Krist Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to providing social services relating to child abuse and neglect investigations
LB1045 Schumacher Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Nebraska Excellence Fund Tax Credit Act
LB1046 Bolz Indefinitely postponed Provide for a caseload ratio emergency declaration relating to health and human services
LB1047 Harr Indefinitely postponed Change provisions under the Nebraska Uniform Power of Attorney Act relating to banks and other financial institutions
LB1048 Harr Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the personal exemption credit
LB1049 Harr Indefinitely postponed Redefine low-speed vehicle
LB1050 Harr Indefinitely postponed Provide an adjustment to income for certain charitable contributions
LB1051 Pansing Brooks Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to family member visitation
LB1052 Pansing Brooks Passed Require instruction and teacher education related to dyslexia
LB1053 Wishart Indefinitely postponed Provide for a 10-year strategic plan by the Legislature's Planning Committee
LB1054 Brewer Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to hearings before the Nebraska Power Review Board and electric generation using wind
LB1055 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Create the Intern Nebraska Cash Fund and state intent regarding appropriations
LB1056 Hansen Indefinitely postponed Provide for collection of data on student disciplinary actions
LB1057 Kuehn Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to prescription drug monitoring
LB1058 Halloran Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Faithful Delegate to Federal Article V Convention Act
LB1059 Wayne Withdrawn Prohibit certain appropriations to the Supreme Court, prohibit certain entities from accepting appropriations, and change provisions relating to the source of certain funds
LB1060 Wayne Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Healthy Kids Act and require tests for lead-based hazards in housing
LB1061 Wayne Indefinitely postponed State intent relating to appropriations relating to a grant program as prescribed
LB1062 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed State intent relating to appropriations for the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program
LB1063 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Provide funding to assist victims of traumatic brain injury and increase certain driver's license fees as a source of such funding
LB1064 Murante Indefinitely postponed Require election officials to check voter records for deceased individuals and require the Secretary of State to check the citizenship status of all registered voters and applicants to register to vote
LB1065 Murante Passed Provide for electronic poll books and change provisions relating to digital signatures
LB1066 Murante Indefinitely postponed Require photographic identification for purposes of voting
LB1067 Quick Indefinitely postponed Authorize a special tourism surcharge under the Business Improvement District Act
LB1068 Murante Indefinitely postponed Provide for seventeen-year olds to vote in special elections, provide requirements for adjusting political subdivision boundaries, and change voter registration, special election, recall, and initiative and referendum provisions
LB1069 Brasch Indefinitely postponed Change provisions related to the Committee on Americanism
LB1070 Brewer Passed Change an election requirement for school districts with fewer than twenty-five students in high school grades
LB1071 Lindstrom Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Infrastructure Improvement and Replacement Assistance Act and provide for a turn back of state sales tax revenue
LB1072 Linehan Indefinitely postponed Change a preference in awarding public contracts and eliminate reciprocal preference provisions
LB1073 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Provide for additional information relating to foster care placements as prescribed
LB1074 Vargas Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to individual income tax brackets and rates and the earned income tax credit
LB1075 Friesen Indefinitely postponed Impose a fee on transfers of real estate
LB1076 Friesen Indefinitely postponed Increase the documentary stamp tax and provide for the use of the revenue
LB1077 Friesen Indefinitely postponed Eliminate levy limits for school districts
LB1078 Crawford Passed Change sibling placement and other foster care requirements, change sibling visitation, require reporting of sexual abuse, and eliminate certain obsolete provisions
LB1079 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change report provisions relating to the Children's Residential Facilities and Placing Licensure Act
LB1080 Hughes Indefinitely postponed Provide for Wildlife Conservation Plates
LB1081 Education Committee Passed Change education provisions regarding reporting, penalties, residency, boundaries, priority schools, subpoena authority, poverty, and limited English proficiency and adopt the Nebraska Reading Improvement Act
LB1082 Vargas Indefinitely postponed Require jails, law enforcement agencies, and the Nebraska State Patrol to provide public notice before entering into agreements to enforce federal immigration law and to allow audits of noncomplying entities
LB1083 Hansen Indefinitely postponed Provide for discovery of telephone numbers and email addresses of witnesses in criminal cases
LR287 Quick Congratulate Sharon Zavala on her success and her 1000th win as volleyball coach at Grand Island Central Catholic High School
LR288 Bolz Indefinitely postponed Create the Child Welfare Death and Abuse Special Oversight Committee of the Legislature
LR289CA Krist Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment to change and provide legislative district redistricting standards and to provide congressional district redistricting standards