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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB911 Lathrop Passed Clarify use of a fund under the Employment Security Law
LB912 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Provide requirements for local laws regulating discrimination
LB913 Adams Indefinitely postponed Change base limitation provisions and certain dates relating to the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
LB914 McGill Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to reductions in sex offender registration periods
LB915 Larson Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to animal cruelty and create the offense of obtaining employment at an animal facility with intent to disrupt operations
LB916 Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee Passed Change provisions relating to retirement
LB917 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Change truancy provisions for absences relating to military employment activities
LB918 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Change provisions of the Community Development Law
LB919 Schilz Indefinitely postponed Change court fees, sheriff's fees, and handgun certificate fees
LB920 McGill Indefinitely postponed Change harassment protection order and domestic abuse protection order provisions
LB921 Harr Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to metropolitan utilities districts
LB922 Mello Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to vehicle load contents and spillage
LB923 Mello Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Nebraska Buy American Act
LB924 Mello Indefinitely postponed Change the Nebraska Redevelopment Act
LB925 Fischer Indefinitely postponed Provide duties for the Department of Health and Human Services relating to contracts with providers under Budget Program No. 514, Health Aid
LB926 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Provide for a minimum base rate for foster care payments
LB927 Louden Indefinitely postponed Authorize cattle brands as official identification as prescribed
LB928 Louden Passed Provide for mountain lion hunting permits and a deer donation program
LB929 McGill Indefinitely postponed Provide a membership requirement for State Foster Care Review Board members
LB930 Brasch Indefinitely postponed Allow operation of golf car vehicles on highways as prescribed
LB931 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to flood protection and water quality enhancement bonds
LB932 Krist Indefinitely postponed Provide voting rights for residents of sanitary and improvement districts
LB933 Ashford Passed Change provisions relating to truancy
LB934 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Provide for appointment of all election commissioners by the county board
LB935 Smith Indefinitely postponed Change grandparent child visitation provisions to person with a legitimate interest
LB936 Karpisek Passed Change provisions relating to termination of the township board
LB937 Smith Indefinitely postponed Regulate dealers in the business of buying and reselling precious items
LB938 Nelson Indefinitely postponed Require a uniform reimbursement rate for adult day services
LR371 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Request for a federal amendments convention limited to amending the Constitution of the United States providing that an increase in the federal debt requires certain approval
LR372CA Fulton Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment clarifying one-half of a term for legislative term limits
LR373CA Lautenbaugh Presented to Secretary of State Constitutional amendment to change annual legislative salaries to twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars