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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB475 Lautenbaugh Referral Change garnishment provisions to include independent contractors providing services to government entities
LB476 Lautenbaugh Referral Change civil procedure service and return of summons provisions
LB477 Fischer Delivered to Governor Change regulation provisions under the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act
LB478 McCoy Referral Adopt the Nebraska Insurance Claims Fraud Prevention Act
LB479 Lathrop Delivered to Governor Authorize a person eighteen years of age to give consent to evidence collection and examination and treatment in cases of sexual assault and domestic violence
LB480 Krist Delivered to Governor Provide for agreements relating to public building commissions
LB481 Krist Referral Provide exemption from medical radiography licensure for auxiliary personnel and cardiovascular technologists
LB482 Utter Referral Change provisions governing industrial disputes involving municipal corporations under the Industrial Relations Act
LB483 Hadley Referral Change provisions relating to deductions for net operating losses and capital losses
LB484 Hadley Referral Exclude certain activities from the definition of excavation under the One-Call Notification System Act
LB485 Karpisek Referral Change provisions relating to the Nebraska Cultural Preservation Endowment Fund
LB486 Louden Referral Change provisions relating to compensation and contributions under the School Employees Retirement Act
LB487 Karpisek Referral Provide for resolution and ordinance power relating to flood protection and water quality enhancement projects
LB488 Nordquist Referral Adopt the Child Support Transparency Act
LB489 Cornett General File Authorize municipalities to receive sales tax information
LB490 Karpisek Delivered to Governor Change restrictions on keno
LB491 Mello Referral Change state budget preparation provisions
LB492 Mello Referral Change the use of certain unobligated American Recovery and Reinvestment Act State Energy Program funds
LB493 Pahls Referral Provide dependent health insurance up to age twenty-six
LB494 Nordquist Delivered to Governor Require timely review of medicaid eligibility
LB495 Pankonin Referral Adopt the Boat Dealers Licensing Act and add a member to the Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board
LB496 Avery Referral Create the Centennial Mall Project Fund
LB497 Howard Referral Suspend requirements for percentage of appropriations for works of art in public buildings as prescribed
LB498 Louden Delivered to Governor Provide an exception for permit amendments under the Industrial Ground Water Regulatory Act for mineral exploration and production
LB499 Price Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to filing for office, petitions for nomination, registering to vote, and voting under the Election Act
LB500 Cook Delivered to Governor Change penalties relating to unlawful obstruction or interference of the view of an operator of a motor vehicle
LB501 Cook Referral Change ballot status procedures for Presidential and vice-presidential candidates
LB502 Cook Delivered to Governor Change provisions of the Nebraska Workforce Investment Act
LB503 Pirsch Delivered to Governor Change provisions for filling a vacancy on a ballot
LB504 Campbell Referral Change motor fuel tax rates
LB505 Karpisek Referral Change motor vehicle taxes and distribution of proceeds
LB506 Wallman Referral Change definitions of wages for the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB507 Harms Delivered to Governor Change Welfare Reform Act requirements relating to education for recipients of assistance
LB508 Bloomfield Referral Authorize certain residency restrictions near parks for sexual predators
LB509 Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to retirement
LB510 Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee Referral Change the Class V school employee retirement contribution rate
LB511 Christensen Referral Restrict the use and sale of blunt wrap tobacco wrappers as prescribed
LB512 Christensen Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to unlawful possession of a firearm at a school and mental health determinations and residency requirements regarding handgun purchase and possession
LB513 Christensen Referral Adopt the Escort Services Accountability and Permit Act
LB514 Christensen Referral Provide for recovery for unreasonable delay or denial of an insurance claim
LB515 Christensen Referral Adopt the Federal Health Care Nullification Act and provide a civil right of action and criminal penalties relating to enforcement
LB516 Christensen Referral Authorize carrying of concealed handguns in educational institutions by security personnel, administrators, or teaching staff
LB517 Christensen Referral Repeal the Conveyance Safety Act and adopt the Elevator Inspection Act
LB518 Christensen Referral Change certain penalty and violation provisions of the Concealed Handgun Permit Act
LB519 Pirsch Referral Change the priority of liens for special assessments
LB520 Howard Referral Change provisions relating to student transportation
LB521 Fulton Delivered to Governor Require the physical presence of a physician who performs, induces, or attempts an abortion
LB522 Haar Referral Adopt the High Performance Green Schools Transparency Act
LB523 Pahls Referral Require identification for petition circulators
LB524 McGill Delivered to Governor Authorize credit unions to conduct savings promotion raffles
LB525 Lathrop Delivered to Governor Provide for a medicaid plan amendment or waiver and transfer of funds relating to the Nebraska Regional Poison Center
LB526 Carlson Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to water transfers
LB527 Carlson Referral Change tax levy authority of natural resources districts
LB528 Carlson General File Change tax levy authority of natural resources districts
LB529 Carlson Referral Change provisions relating to conservation and preservation easements and the Nebraska Environmental Trust
LB530 Council Referral Adopt the Employee Credit Privacy Act
LB531 Fulton Referral Change permissible budget reserves for schools
LB532 Karpisek Referral Provide for potential transfer of certain Department of Labor employees to the state retirement system
LB533 Fischer Referral Change membership of the Niobrara Council
LB534 Smith Referral Adopt the Phototherapy Practice Act
LB535 Utter Delivered to Governor Adopt the Portable Electronics Insurance Act and redefine service contract
LB536 Wightman Delivered to Governor Adopt the Nebraska Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act and provide exemptions from the documentary stamp tax
LB537 Karpisek Referral Change provisions relating to budget limitations and property tax levy limitations
LB538 Karpisek General File Change provisions relating to the disposition of seized firearms
LB539 Health and Human Services Committee Referral Require a medicaid state plan amendment or waiver relating to adult emergency room visits
LB540 Health and Human Services Committee Select File Require a medicaid waiver relating to family planning services
LB541 Health and Human Services Committee Delivered to Governor Provide for third-party contracts to promote medicaid integrity and cost containment
LB542 Howard Delivered to Governor Require hospitals to offer and require employee influenza vaccinations as prescribed
LB543 Cook Delivered to Governor Provide for a state outreach plan and change asset limits relating to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
LR38 Council Extend sympathy to the family of Bertha B. Myers
LR39 Council Referral Provide the Nebraska Legislature recommends certain basic principles as a guide for state and federal immigration policy and call upon Congress to enact reforms