Nebraska Revised Statute 71-947

Chapter 71


Appointed counsel; fees; reimbursement of costs incurred; procedure.

Counsel appointed as provided in subdivision (1) of section 71-946 shall apply to the court in which his or her appointment is recorded for fees for services performed. Such counsel may also apply to the court to secure separate professional examination of the person for whom counsel was appointed and shall be reimbursed for costs incurred in securing such separate examination or examinations or in having other professional persons as witnesses before the mental health board. The court, upon hearing the application, shall fix reasonable fees, including reimbursement of costs incurred. The county board of the county in which the application was filed shall allow the account, bill, or claim presented by the attorney for services performed under the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act or the Sex Offender Commitment Act in the amount determined by the court. No such account, bill, or claim shall be allowed by the county board until the amount thereof has been determined by the court.


Cross References

  • Sex Offender Commitment Act, see section 71-1201.


  • An attorney validly appointed by a court to assist an indigent subject in a habeas corpus proceeding challenging the subject's custody or treatment under the Sex Offender Commitment Act is entitled to attorney fees. D.I. v. Gibson, 295 Neb. 903, 890 N.W.2d 506 (2017).