Nebraska Revised Statute 60-686

Chapter 60


Posting of bond; forfeiture of bonds; exceptions.

(1) When any person is required to post bond under any provision of the Nebraska Rules of the Road, such bond may consist of an unexpired guaranteed arrest bond certificate or a similar written instrument by its terms of current force and effect signed by such person and issued to him or her by an automobile club or a similar association or insurance company or a corporation, organized under the laws of this state, not for profit, which has been exempted from the payment of federal income taxes, as provided by section 501(c)(4), (6), or (8) of the Internal Revenue Code, jointly and severally with a corporate surety duly authorized to transact fidelity or surety insurance business in this state or with an insurance company duly authorized to transact both automobile liability and fidelity and surety insurance business in this state to guarantee the appearance of such person at any hearing upon any arrest or apprehension or any violation or, in default of any such appearance, the prompt payment by or on behalf of such person of any fine or forfeiture imposed for such default not in excess of two hundred dollars.

(2) The provisions of subsection (1) of this section shall not apply to any person who is charged with a felony.