Nebraska Revised Statute 60-484

Chapter 60


Operator's license required, when; state identification card; application.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in the Motor Vehicle Operator's License Act, no resident of the State of Nebraska shall operate a motor vehicle upon the alleys or highways of this state until the person has obtained an operator's license for that purpose.

(2) Application for an operator's license or a state identification card shall be made in a manner prescribed by the department.

(3) The applicant shall provide his or her full legal name, date of birth, mailing address, gender, race or ethnicity, and social security number, two forms of proof of address of his or her principal residence unless the applicant is a program participant under the Address Confidentiality Act, evidence of identity as required by subsection (6) of this section, and a brief physical description of himself or herself. The applicant (a) may also complete the voter registration portion pursuant to section 32-308, (b) shall be provided the advisement language required by subsection (5) of section 60-6,197, (c) shall answer the following:

(i) Have you within the last three months (e.g. due to diabetes, epilepsy, mental illness, head injury, stroke, heart condition, neurological disease, etc.):

(A) lost voluntary control or consciousness ... yes ... no

(B) experienced vertigo or multiple episodes of dizziness or fainting ... yes ... no

(C) experienced disorientation ... yes ... no

(D) experienced seizures ... yes ... no

(E) experienced impairment of memory, memory loss ... yes ... no

Please explain: .................................

(ii) Do you experience any condition which affects your ability to operate a motor vehicle? (e.g. due to loss of, or impairment of, foot, leg, hand, arm; neurological or neuromuscular disease, etc.) ... yes ... no

Please explain: ...................................

(iii) Since the issuance of your last driver's license/permit, has your health or medical condition changed or worsened? ... yes ... no

Please explain, including how the above affects your ability to drive: .................., and (d) may answer the following:

(i) Do you wish to register to vote as part of this application process?

(ii) Do you wish to have a veteran designation displayed on the front of your operator's license or state identification card to show that you served in the armed forces of the United States? (To be eligible you must register with the Nebraska Department of Veterans' Affairs registry.)

(iii) Do you wish to include your name in the Donor Registry of Nebraska and donate your organs and tissues at the time of your death?

(iv) Do you wish to receive any additional specific information regarding organ and tissue donation and the Donor Registry of Nebraska?

(v) Do you wish to donate $1 to promote the Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness and Education Fund?

(4) Application for an operator's license or state identification card shall include a signed oath, affirmation, or declaration of the applicant that the information provided on the application for the license or card is true and correct.

(5) The social security number shall not be printed on the operator's license or state identification card and shall be used only (a) to furnish information to the United States Selective Service System under section 60-483, (b) with the permission of the director in connection with the verification of the status of an individual's driving record in this state or any other state, (c) for purposes of child support enforcement pursuant to section 42-358.08 or 43-512.06, (d) to furnish information regarding an applicant for or holder of a commercial driver's license with a hazardous materials endorsement to the Transportation Security Administration of the United States Department of Homeland Security or its agent, (e) to furnish information to the Department of Revenue under section 77-362.02, or (f) to furnish information to the Secretary of State for purposes of the Election Act.

(6)(a) Each individual applying for an operator's license or a state identification card shall furnish proof of date of birth and identity with documents containing a photograph or with nonphoto identity documents which include his or her full legal name and date of birth. Such documents shall be those provided in subsection (1) of section 60-484.04.

(b) Any individual under the age of eighteen years applying for an operator's license or a state identification card shall provide a certified copy of his or her birth certificate or, if such individual is unable to provide a certified copy of his or her birth certificate, other reliable proof of his or her identity and age, as required in subdivision (6)(a) of this section, accompanied by a certification signed by a parent or guardian explaining the inability to produce a copy of such birth certificate. The applicant also may be required to furnish proof to department personnel that the parent or guardian signing the certification is in fact the parent or guardian of such applicant.

(c) An applicant may present other documents as proof of identification and age designated by the director. Any documents accepted shall be recorded according to a written exceptions process established by the director.

(7) Any individual applying for an operator's license or a state identification card who indicated his or her wish to have a veteran designation displayed on the front of such license or card shall comply with section 60-4,189.

(8) No person shall be a holder of an operator's license and a state identification card at the same time. A person who has a digital image and digital signature on file with the department may apply electronically to change his or her Class O operator's license to a state identification card.


Cross References

  • Address Confidentiality Act, see section 42-1201.
  • Donor Registry of Nebraska, see section 71-4822.
  • Election Act, see section 32-101.
  • Nebraska Department of Veterans' Affairs registry, see section 80-414.


  • Driving a motor vehicle requires that driver be licensed; there is no unfettered constitutional right to travel by whatever means a person chooses. State v. Meints, 223 Neb. 199, 388 N.W.2d 813 (1986).

  • Licensure of drivers hereunder is in interest of public safety and, when one drives in violation of statute, it is evidence of negligence which may be considered by the jury. Benton v. State, 124 Neb. 485, 247 N.W. 21 (1933).