Nebraska Revised Statute 48-663

Chapter 48


Benefits; prohibited acts by employee; penalty; limitation of time for prosecution.

Whoever obtains or increases any benefit or other payment under sections 48-623 to 48-629 or under an employment security law of any other state, the federal government, or a foreign government, either for himself or herself or for any other person, (1) by making a false statement or representation knowing it to be false by oral, written, or electronic communication that can be attributed to such person by use of a personal identification number or other identification process or (2) by knowingly failing to disclose a material fact shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor. Each such false statement or representation or failure to disclose a material fact shall constitute a separate offense. Prosecution under this section may be instituted within three years after the time the offense was committed in any county where any part of the crime was committed, including the county in which the person received the benefits.