Nebraska Revised Statute 48-630

Chapter 48


Claims; determinations by adjudicator.

(1) A determination upon a claim filed pursuant to section 48-629 shall be made promptly by a representative designated by the commissioner, hereinafter referred to as an adjudicator.

(2) A determination shall include a statement as to whether and in what amount claimant is entitled to benefits for the week with respect to which the determination is made. A determination with respect to the first week of a benefit year shall also include a statement as to whether the claimant has been paid the wages required under section 48-627.01, and, if so, the first day of the benefit year, his or her weekly benefit amount, and the maximum total amount of benefits payable to him or her with respect to such benefit year. Whenever any claim involves the application of the provisions of section 48-628.09, the adjudicator shall promptly transmit his or her full findings of fact, with respect to such section, to the commissioner, who, on the basis of the evidence submitted and such additional evidence as he or she may require, shall affirm, modify, or set aside such findings of fact and transmit to the adjudicator a decision upon the issue involved under such section, which shall be deemed to be the decision of the adjudicator. All claims arising out of the same alleged labor dispute may be considered at the same time.

(3) In the event a claim is denied, a determination shall state the reasons therefor. Regardless of the outcome, the parties shall be promptly notified of the determination, together with the reasons therefor, and such determination shall be deemed to be the final decision on the claim, unless an appeal is filed with the department in the manner prescribed in section 48-634.

(4) Any benefits for which a claimant has been found eligible shall not be withheld because of an appeal filed under section 48-634, and such benefits shall be paid until a hearing officer has rendered a decision modifying or reversing the determination allowing such benefits if the claimant is otherwise eligible. Any benefits received by any person to which he or she had been found not entitled, under a redetermination or decision pursuant to sections 48-630 to 48-638, shall be treated as erroneous payments in accordance with section 48-665.


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  • Deputy commissioner of labor is agent who is required initially to make determination of case. Beecham v. Falstaff Brewing Corporation, 150 Neb. 792, 36 N.W.2d 233 (1949).