Nebraska Revised Statute 48-145.04

Chapter 48


Self-insurance; assessment; payments.

(1) The administrator of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court shall, prior to January 1 of each year, estimate as closely as possible the actual cost to the court of evaluating an application for self-insurance and supervising and administering the self-insurance program for the ensuing year and assess the amount thereof, but not to exceed two thousand dollars, against each applicant for self-insurance in this state. Such assessment shall be in addition to the payments required by subdivision (2) of section 48-145 and section 48-1,114. The administrator shall notify each applicant of the amount of the individual assessment. Such assessment shall be due and payable with the application for self-insurance. If any assessment is not paid, the application shall not be considered.

(2) All payments received under subsection (1) of this section shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the Compensation Court Cash Fund. Such payments shall be expended solely for evaluating applications for self-insurance and to aid in supervising and administering the self-insurance program. After the first year, the balance remaining of such payments at the time each annual assessment is made shall be taken into account when the total assessment for the ensuing year is made.