Nebraska Revised Statute 43-297

Chapter 43


Juveniles in need of assistance; placement with association or institution; agreements; effect.

It shall be lawful for the parent, guardian, or other person having the right to dispose of a juvenile defined in subdivision (3)(a) of section 43-247 to enter into an agreement with any association or institution incorporated under any public or private law of this state or any other state, for the purpose of aiding, caring for, or placing such juveniles in homes and, subject to approval as provided in this section, to surrender such juveniles to such association or institution, to be taken and cared for by such association or institution, or put into a family home. Such agreement may contain any and all proper stipulations to that end and may authorize the association or institution by its attorney or agent to appear in any proceeding for the legal adoption of such juvenile, and consent to such juvenile's adoption; and the order of the court, made upon such consent, shall be binding upon the juvenile and his or her parents or guardian, or other person, the same as if such person were personally in court and consented thereto, whether made party to the proceeding or not. All the publication or notice necessary for the adoption of any such juveniles shall be that the institution or parties having charge of such juveniles by court decree, or to whom a relinquishment of the juvenile was given, shall know that such legal adoption is being made.


  • Laws 1981, LB 346, § 53.