Nebraska Revised Statute 43-261.01

Chapter 43


Juvenile court petition; felony or crime of domestic violence; court provide explanation of firearm possession consequences.

(1) When the petition alleges the juvenile committed an act which would constitute a felony or an act which would constitute a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, the court shall explain the specific legal consequences that an adjudication for such an act will have on the juvenile's right to possess a firearm. The court shall provide such explanation at the earlier of:

(a) The juvenile's first court appearance or, if the juvenile is not present in the court at the time of the first appearance, by written notice sent by regular mail to the juvenile's last-known address; or

(b) Prior to adjudication.

(2) For purposes of this section:

(a) Firearm has the same meaning as in section 28-1201; and

(b) Misdemeanor crime of domestic violence has the same meaning as in section 28-1206.