Nebraska Revised Statute 32-207

Chapter 32


Election commissioner; counties having over 100,000 inhabitants; appointment; term; vacancy; duties; oversight.

The office of election commissioner shall be created for each county having a population of more than one hundred thousand inhabitants. The election commissioner shall be appointed by the Governor and shall serve for a term of four years or until a successor has been appointed and qualified. In the event of a vacancy, the Governor shall appoint an election commissioner to serve the unexpired portion of the term. In order to further the purpose of fair and open elections free from outside influence, the election commissioner shall have the duty of operational and administrative oversight over the business of the office, subject to review by the Secretary of State.


Cross References

  • Distribute political accountability and disclosure forms, see section 49-14,139.


  • Election commissioner of Douglas County is not in charge of municipal elections in Sarpy County. Barton v. City of Omaha, 180 Neb. 752, 145 N.W.2d 444 (1966).

  • This section provides for an election commissioner who is required to perform all of the duties in reference to elections that are performed by the county clerks in all other counties. Rasp v. McHugh, 121 Neb. 380, 237 N.W. 394 (1931).

  • Duties of election commissioner and procedure to be followed in cases where the citizenship of an elector is in question are discussed in detail. State ex rel. Williams v. Moorhead, 96 Neb. 559, 148 N.W. 552 (1914), reversing 95 Neb. 80, 144 N.W. 1055 (1914).