Nebraska Revised Statute 29-4009

Chapter 29


Information not confidential; limit on disclosure.

(1) Information obtained under the Sex Offender Registration Act shall not be confidential, except that the following information shall only be disclosed to law enforcement agencies, including federal or state probation or parole agencies, if appropriate:

(a) A sex offender's social security number;

(b) Any references to arrests of a sex offender that did not result in conviction;

(c) A sex offender's travel or immigration document information;

(d) A sex offender's remote communication device identifiers and addresses;

(e) A sex offender's email addresses, instant messaging identifiers, chat room identifiers, global unique identifiers, and other Internet communication identifiers;

(f) A sex offender's telephone numbers;

(g) A sex offender's motor vehicle operator's license information or state identification card number; and

(h) The name of any employer of a sex offender.

(2) The identity of any victim of a sex offense shall not be released.

(3) The release of information authorized by this section shall conform with the rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the Nebraska State Patrol pursuant to section 29-4013.