Nebraska Revised Statute 29-3910

Chapter 29


Judicial district public defender; determination; district judge; conditions; certification to Governor; salary.

Whenever the district judge or judges determine that a public defender should be named for his, her, or their judicial district, as provided in section 24-301.02, the fact of such determination shall be certified to the Governor. In making the determination, the judge or judges shall consider (1) the number of indigent persons in the district for whom appointment of counsel was necessary in the preceding year, (2) the number and geographic distribution within the district of attorneys available for appointment as counsel on an individual case basis, and (3) the relative expense of providing counsel for the indigent on an individual case basis as compared to the expense of providing a public defender.

At the time of making the determination, the judge or judges shall also fix the salary of the public defender and make a determination whether the office shall be full time or part time. For succeeding terms the district judge or judges shall fix the salary of the public defender at least sixty days prior to the closing of filings for the primary election for such office. All salary determinations shall be filed with the clerk of the district court of each county in the district and shall be available for public inspection.

When it is deemed desirable to have the same public defender for more than one judicial district, the same may be accomplished by having the district judges concerned jointly make the determinations provided for in sections 29-3910 to 29-3918.