Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2705

Chapter 29


Clerk of district court; cost bill in felony cases; payment.

Upon the discharge or conviction of the defendant in any case of felony in the district court, it shall be lawful for the clerk of such court to file in the office of the county clerk a bill of the costs not previously allowed by the county board, whereupon the same shall be examined into, audited and allowed, and paid in the manner specified in section 29-2704; Provided, nothing in this section or section 29-2704 shall preclude any court or clerk, in any case, from delaying the filing of such cost bill for allowance as aforesaid, until it shall be determined whether the same will be collected from the defendant; and no cost bill shall be filed for allowance as aforesaid under the provisions of this section, while there is pending in the cause any proceeding in error, or any unexpired recognizance for replevy of the judgment.


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  • Exemption of certain type or class of offense from the imposition of costs is not an unconstitutional classification. State ex rel. Douglas v. Gradwohl, 194 Neb. 745, 235 N.W.2d 854 (1975).