Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2704

Chapter 29


Preliminary examinations for felony; transcript of costs; audit; allowance; payment.

Upon examination in county court on complaint of a felony, whether the accused is held to answer in court or discharged, the court may file with the county clerk a certified transcript of the costs as assessed under section 29-2709, giving the items of the same, and to whom each is due, and on what account. As early as may be after the filing of such bill, but without assembling for the special purpose, the county board of the proper county shall examine into such bill of costs as to its correctness, justice, and legality and may, if need be, examine under oath any person upon the subject, which oath may be administered by the county clerk.

It shall be the duty of the board to disallow any item, in whole or in part, of such bill that is found to be unlawful or needlessly incurred, or if it appears that the complaint was made for a felony when it should have been for a misdemeanor only, it may in its discretion disallow the entire bill or any part thereof.

The board may order that such bill, or so much thereof as it finds to be lawful and just, be paid from the county treasury, whereupon the county clerk shall draw warrants upon the county treasurer for the sums respectively due to each person upon such bill so allowed, which warrants the treasurer shall pay from the county general fund. The amount of costs so allowed shall be certified by the county clerk, and the certificate filed with the papers in the cause, in the office of the clerk of the district court. If the defendant shall be convicted, judgment shall be rendered against him or her for the costs so allowed, in addition to the costs made in the district court.


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  • Section does not fix liability on county for fees of defendant's witnesses. Worthen v. Johnson County, 62 Neb. 754, 87 N.W. 909 (1901).

  • County is liable for costs on felony charge whether accused was held to answer in court or not. If charge should have been for misdemeanor, board may disallow. Dodge County v. Gregg, 14 Neb. 305, 15 N.W. 741 (1883).

  • Section is constitutional. Costs in misdemeanor cases may be disallowed by county board. Boggs v. Washington County, 10 Neb. 297, 4 N.W. 984 (1880).