Nebraska Revised Statute 27-413

Chapter 27


Offense of sexual assault, defined.

For purposes of sections 27-414 and 27-415, offense of sexual assault means sexual assault under section 28-319 or 28-320, sexual abuse by a school employee under section 28-316.01, sexual assault of a child under section 28-319.01 or 28-320.01, sexual assault by use of an electronic communication device under section 28-320.02, sexual abuse of an inmate or parolee under sections 28-322.01 to 28-322.03, sexual abuse of a protected individual under section 28-322.04, sexual abuse of a detainee under section 28-322.05, an attempt or conspiracy to commit any of the crimes listed in this section, or the commission of or conviction for a crime in another jurisdiction that is substantially similar to any crime listed in this section.