Nebraska Revised Statute 27-1006

Chapter 27


Rule 1006. Voluminous writings, recordings, or photographs; summaries; availability; orders.

The contents of voluminous writings, recordings, or photographs which cannot conveniently be examined in court may be presented in the form of a chart, summary, or calculation. The originals, or duplicates, shall be made available for examination or copying, or both, by other parties at a reasonable time and place. The judge may order that they be produced in court.


  • Requirements for admission of an exhibit into evidence pursuant to Neb. Evid. R. 1006 set out this case. Crowder v. Aurora Co-op Elev. Co., 223 Neb. 704, 393 N.W.2d 250 (1986).

  • This section had no application to an exhibit listing persons for whom building moving services had been performed with enumeration of dates and charges, but oral testimony by one who had personal knowledge of the facts laid appropriate foundation for its admission. Groenewold v. Building Movers, Inc., 197 Neb. 187, 247 N.W.2d 629 (1976).