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Search for statute range from 77-2901 to 77-2912
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77-2901 Act, how cited. Print Friendly
77-2902 Terms, defined. Print Friendly
77-2903 Local preservation ordinance or resolution; approval. Print Friendly
77-2904 Credit; amount; claim; approval; procedure. Print Friendly
77-2905 Application for credits; form; contents; officer; review; allocation of credits; notice of determination; denial; appeal; limit on credits; holder of allocation; duties. Print Friendly
77-2906 Request for final approval; form; approval; when; department; duties; extension; denial; appeal; credit; issuance of certificates; fee; credit carried forward. Print Friendly
77-2907 Fees. Print Friendly
77-2908 Recapture of credits; written notice; procedure; amount. Print Friendly
77-2909 Transfer, sale, or assignment of credit; limitation; use; notice; department; duties; powers. Print Friendly
77-2910 Rules and regulations; Nebraska State Historical Society; Department of Revenue; joint report; contents. Print Friendly
77-2911 Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Fund; created; use; investment. Print Friendly
77-2912 Application deadline; allocation, issuance, or use of credits deadline. Print Friendly