77-2904. Credit; amount; claim; approval; procedure.

(1) Any person incurring eligible expenditures may receive a nonrefundable credit against any income tax imposed by the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967 or any tax imposed pursuant to sections 44-101 to 44-165, 77-907 to 77-918, or 77-3801 to 77-3807 for the year the historically significant real property is placed in service. The amount of the credit shall be equal to twenty percent of eligible expenditures up to a maximum credit of one million dollars. Any taxpayer that claims a tax credit shall not be required to pay any additional retaliatory tax under section 44-150 as a result of claiming such tax credit. Any tax credit claimed under this section shall be considered a payment of tax for purposes of subsection (1) of section 77-2734.03.

(2) To claim the credit authorized under this section, a person must first apply and receive an allocation of credits and application approval under section 77-2905 and then request and receive final approval under section 77-2906.

(3) Interest shall not be allowed on any refund paid under the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act.

Source:Laws 2014, LB191, § 4; Laws 2015, LB261, § 12; Laws 2016, LB774, § 11.

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