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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB379 Speaker Hilgers Passed Provide, change, and eliminate provisions relating to appropriations
LB380 Speaker Hilgers Passed Appropriate funds for the expenses of Nebraska State Government for the biennium ending June 30, 2023
LB381 Speaker Hilgers Passed Appropriate funds for salaries of members of the Legislature
LB382 Speaker Hilgers Passed Appropriate funds for salaries of constitutional officers
LB383 Speaker Hilgers Passed Appropriate funds for capital construction
LB384 Speaker Hilgers Passed Provide for and change provisions related to transfers of funds and funding for university and state college facilities, create and change permitted uses of funds, and create a grant program
LB385 Speaker Hilgers Passed Change provisions relating to the Cash Reserve Fund
LB386 Lathrop Passed Change judges' salaries
LB387 Brewer Passed Change provisions relating to the taxation of military retirement benefits
LB388 Friesen Passed Adopt the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Act
LB389 Sanders Passed Require the issuance of teaching certificates and permits to military spouses
LB390 Murman Passed Provide for credentials based on reciprocity and change requirements for credentials under the Uniform Credentialing Act
LB391 Bostar Indefinitely postponed Transfer funds to the Customized Job Training Cash Fund
LB392 Stinner Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Prescribing Psychologist Practice Act
LB393 Hughes Indefinitely postponed Eliminate the Next Generation Business Growth Act
LB394 Morfeld Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Public Health Emergency Housing Protection Act and change deadlines for trials in actions for possession and forcible entry and detainer
LB395 Gragert Indefinitely postponed Change hunting provisions under the Game Law
LB396 Brandt Passed Adopt the Nebraska Farm-to-School Program Act
LB397 Bostelman Indefinitely postponed Prohibit certain causes of action by motorists without liability insurance or convicted of DUI offenses, require the Department of Motor Vehicles to establish and maintain an online verification system for accessing certain private passenger motor vehicle insurance information, and authorize a disclosure of certain motor vehicle records
LB398 Bostelman Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to broadband speeds and services
LB399 Bostelman Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to rural water districts
LB400 Arch Passed Change requirements related to coverage of telehealth by insurers and medicaid
LB401 Arch Passed Change references to state hospitals
LB402 DeBoer Indefinitely postponed Require a report by the Supreme Court regarding eviction proceedings
LB403 Slama Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to recovery of medical assistance debt from an estate
LB404 Lowe Indefinitely postponed Change permit and renewal time periods under the Concealed Handgun Permit Act
LB405 Lowe Passed Change provisions relating to village boards of trustees
LB406 McDonnell Passed Create the Statewide Tourism And Recreational Water Access and Resource Sustainability Special Committee of the Legislature
LB407 McDonnell Passed Include certain county correctional officers in provisions governing mental injuries and mental illnesses under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB408 Briese Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Property Tax Request Act
LB409 Brewer Indefinitely postponed Provide a moratorium on construction of electric transmission lines and create the Electric Transmission Line Study Committee of the Legislature
LB410 Linehan Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to itemized deductions
LB411 Lathrop Passed Require sharing of information with the designated health information exchange and change provisions related to the Health Information Technology Board
LB412 Cavanaugh, M. Indefinitely postponed Change a tax and assessment provision under the Nebraska Housing Agency Act
LB413 Wishart Indefinitely postponed Require coverage of medications for substance use disorder treatment and addiction medicine services under the Medical Assistance Act
LB414 Wishart Passed Change provisions of the Political Subdivisions Construction Alternatives Act
LB415 Groene Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to microdistilleries under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB416 Cavanaugh, M. Indefinitely postponed Require implicit bias training under the Uniform Credentialing Act and provide for duties and funding relating to postpartum care and maternal health
LB417 Halloran Indefinitely postponed Authorize possession of a firearm on school grounds by a full-time, off-duty law enforcement officer
LB418 Murman Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Solemn Covenant of the States to Award Prizes for Curing Diseases compact
LB419 Cavanaugh, J. Indefinitely postponed Require appointment of counsel in eviction proceedings and provide for a filing fee
LR22CA Linehan Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment to limit the total amount of property tax revenue that may be raised by political subdivisions
LR23 Erdman Referral Interim study to examine the progress of natural resources districts in fulfilling their originally intended purpose