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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB938 La Grone Referral Provide immunity for reliance upon acknowledged power of attorney
LB939 Williams General File Change provisions under the Collection Agency Act
LB940 Pansing Brooks Referral Change a provision regarding the sealing of juvenile records
LB941 Hunt Referral Create the Nebraska Youth in Care Bill of Rights
LB942 Hunt Referral Provide for Support the Arts license plates
LB943 Hunt Referral Provide duties for the Nebraska Arts Council regarding creative districts
LB944 Geist Delivered to Governor Change and provide provisions for REAL ID, motor vehicle fees, federal references, handicapped parking permits, junked vehicles, odometers, destroyed vehicles, the International Registration Plan, license plates, electronic delivery of operator’s licenses and ID cards, CDL’s, point system, vehicle length and weight limits; ATV’s and UTV’s, the International Tax Agreement Act, the unified carrier registration plan and agreement, and civil penalties
LB945 Cavanaugh Referral Require a report on untested sexual assault evidence collection kits
LB946 Briese Referral Change the sales tax rate and impose sales tax on additional services
LB947 Erdman Referral Change provisions relating to all-terrain vehicles and utility-type vehicles
LB948 Crawford Referral Change provisions relating to insurance coverage for mammography
LB949 Bolz Referral Limit the amount an insured individual pays for prescription insulin drugs
LB950 Murman Referral Change eligibility requirements for the Access College Early Scholarship Program
LB951 Bolz Referral Change elements of claims under the Nebraska Claims for Wrongful Conviction and Imprisonment Act
LB952 Wishart Referral Provide for a new homestead exemption
LB953 Wishart Referral Prohibit certain public entities from charging a fee for adoption or purchase of a dog or cat by a veteran
LB954 Lindstrom General File Change insurance provisions relating to fees for dental services
LB955 Walz Referral Change provisions relating to eligibility for medical assistance
LB956 Walz Delivered to Governor Provide duties regarding managed care contract changes and change audit provisions under the Medical Assistance Act
LB957 Walz General File Change quorum requirements for city councils of cities of the first and second class
LB958 Cavanaugh Referral Change provisions relating to possession or purchase of a firearm by a person convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence or subject to any protection order
LB959 Vargas Referral Limit habitual criminal enhancement to violent felonies
LB960 Friesen Referral Change accounting of income provisions and provide a requirement for use of funds under the Municipal Proprietary Function Act
LB961 Friesen General File Adopt the Peer-to-Peer Vehicle Sharing Program Act
LB962 Hunt Delivered to Governor Adopt the Nebraska Fair Pay to Play Act
LB963 Brewer Delivered to Governor Change workers' compensation provisions for injuries to first responders and frontline state employees and burial expenses
LB964 McDonnell Referral Provide for an acknowledgment of maternity
LB965 McDonnell Delivered to Governor Recognize American Sign Language, provide for the teaching of American Sign Language in schools and postsecondary educational institutions, and establish a language assessment program for children who are deaf or hard of hearing
LB966 DeBoer Delivered to Governor Adopt the Uniform Wills Recognition Act (1977), change the Nebraska Probate Code, provide for an acknowledgment of maternity and paternity, and change provisions relating to the revocation of transfer on death deeds under the Nebraska Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act
LB967 DeBoer Referral Change provisions regarding bullying prevention and education
LB968 McCollister Referral Change requirements for hearings before the Board of Pardons
LB969 Wayne Referral Change provisions relating to video depositions of child victims and child witnesses
LB970 Wayne Referral Limit the amount an insured individual pays for prescription insulin drugs
LB971 Wayne Referral Redefine a lottery to include wagers made on the outcome of an authorized sporting event
LB972 Brandt General File Change germination seed testing provisions under the Nebraska Seed Law
LB973 Kolowski Referral Adopt the Homeowner Association Act
LB974 Revenue Committee General File Change taxation and school funding provisions
LR293 Albrecht Congratulate Allen J. Beermann on his many accomplishments and congratulate him on his retirement
LR294 Kolowski Referral Review various climate-related findings and acknowledge an anthropogenic climate and ecological crisis
LR295CA Wayne Referral Constitutional amendment to allow the Legislature to authorize, regulate, and tax any game of chance