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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB340 Natural Resources Committee Delivered to Governor Change a hearing requirement related to the Nebraska Power Review Board
LB341 Wightman Delivered to Governor Change tax sale procedures
LB342 Coash General File Change right to counsel provisions under the Nebraska Juvenile Code
LB343 Coash General File Change terminology related to mental retardation
LB344 Sullivan Delivered to Governor Change moratorium exceptions for long-term care beds
LB345 Wightman Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to certain real estate filings and transfer on death deeds
LB346 Kolowski Referral Authorize school districts to levy a tax and exceed budget authority for school security measures
LB347 Gloor Referral Provide for a moratorium on issuance of licenses under the Health Care Facility Licensure Act
LB348 Harr General File Change provisions relating to the assessment of certain rent-restricted housing projects
LB349 Murante Delivered to Governor Change ballot status and write-in provisions for presidential and vice-presidential candidates
LB350 Murante Referral Add members to the Nebraska Police Standards Advisory Council
LB351 Harms Referral Require cognitive tests for persons eighty years of age or older obtaining motor vehicle operator's licenses
LB352 Christensen Referral Provide signage requirements and duties for the Nebraska State Patrol under the Concealed Handgun Permit Act
LB353 Christensen Referral Restrict rule and regulation authority of natural resources districts
LB354 Larson General File Adopt the Nebraska Corn Promotion Act
LB355 Larson Referral Change the age of majority and certain age requirements
LB356 Karpisek Referral Prohibit participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities as prescribed
LB357 Haar Referral Change a budget limitation exemption under the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
LB358 Dubas Referral Redefine excavation for purposes of the One-Call Notification System Act
LB359 Cook Delivered to Governor Change asset and income limitations for certain programs of public assistance and change eligibility redeterminations relating to a child care subsidy
LB360 Karpisek Referral Change court fees, sheriff's fees, identification inspection fees, and handgun certificate fees
LB361 Howard Delivered to Governor Name the Child and Maternal Death Review Act and change review procedures
LB362 Avery General File Change state park entry permit provisions and provide for a motor vehicle registration fee
LB363 Avery Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to access to public records
LB364 Avery Delivered to Governor Permit cities of the metropolitan, primary, and first class to set limits on contracts which affect public officials or employees
LB365 Avery Referral Require instruction in certain emergency procedures as a prerequisite to high school graduation
LB366 Cook Delivered to Governor Adopt the Diploma of High School Equivalency Assistance Act and provide funding from the Education Innovation Fund
LB367 Cook Referral Adopt the Twenty-First Century Developmental Education Act
LB368 Crawford Delivered to Governor Create a subsidized employment pilot program within the Department of Health and Human Services
LB369 Lathrop Referral Require licensed service providers for services to probationers and parolees as prescribed
LB370 Lathrop Referral Create the County Property Tax Assistance Program and the Municipal Property Tax Assistance Program
LB371 Mello Delivered to Governor Adopt the Transparency in Government Procurement Act
LB372 Mello Referral Adopt the Buy Nebraska Act and eliminate provisions relating to resident bidder preferences
LB373 Mello Select File Change Nebraska Construction Prompt Pay Act provisions
LB374 Nelson Referral Provide for a delinquent child support payment lien on an appearance bond as prescribed
LB375 Lathrop Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services to be used for services for persons with developmental disabilities
LB376 Johnson Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Economic Development
LB377 Johnson Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to annexation of a county road by a city or village
LB378 Smith Referral Eliminate fees for the issuance of certain license plates
LB379 Nelson Referral Change furlough and reduction of sentence provisions as prescribed
LB380 Howard Referral Provide for adoption by two adult persons jointly
LB381 Janssen Referral Require photographic identification to vote
LB382 Janssen General File Change presidential elector selection and voting requirements
LB383 Janssen Delivered to Governor Provide for Military Honor Plates and change certain license plate fee provisions
LB384 Nordquist Delivered to Governor Adopt the Nebraska Exchange Transparency Act
LB385 Nordquist General File Prohibit certain bases for discrimination relating to child placement
LB386 Christensen Delivered to Governor Require notice of road maintenance by counties as prescribed
LB387 Christensen Referral Eliminate provisions relating to constructing drainage facilities and taking other control measures on public roads
LB388 Natural Resources Committee Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to first rights of construction, ownership, and maintenance of electric transmission lines
LB389 Bolz Referral Provide an income tax credit for adoption and guardianship costs
LB390 Christensen Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to unlawful possession of a firearm at a school and Emergency Management Act provisions
LB391 Davis General File Change water law provisions relating to water storage
LB392 Lathrop General File Eliminate certain firearms provisions no longer authorized by federal law
LB393 Bloomfield General File Change helmet and eye protection provisions regarding motorcycles
LB394 Conrad Referral Authorize use of Affordable Housing Trust Fund for vocational training
LB395 Conrad General File Redefine the term "school-based health center" for purposes of the Medical Assistance Act
LB396 Conrad Referral Change Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court powers
LB397 Conrad Referral Require insurance coverage for screening for amino acid-based formulas
LB398 Brasch Delivered to Governor Change provisions and penalties relating to certain excessively loaded vehicles
LB399 Lautenbaugh Select File Permit members of certain organizations to use flashing amber lights on motor vehicles
LB400 Lautenbaugh Referral Appropriate funds for aid to community colleges
LB401 Lautenbaugh Referral Adopt the School Purchasing Act
LR25 McCoy Congratulate Elyse Mancuso for winning the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament
LR26 McCoy Congratulate the Elkhorn South High School girls' golf team for winning the 2012 Class B state championship
LR27 McCoy Congratulate the Elkhorn South High School boys' tennis team for winning the 2012 Class B state championship
LR28 McCoy Congratulate the Mount Michael Benedictine High School boys' cross country team for winning the 2012 Class B state championship
LR29CA Adams Select File Constitutional amendment to change provisions relating to redevelopment projects
LR30 Nelson Congratulate Juan Chavez for winning the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship
LR31 Campbell Referral Provide the Executive Board appoint the Children's Behavioral Health Oversight Committee as a special committee
LR32 Janssen Extend sympathy to the family of Doug Nabb
LR33 Bloomfield Extend sympathy to the family of Captain Matthew Justin Meyer