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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB231 Christensen Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to issuing a bad check
LB232 Christensen Indefinitely postponed Change use of force provisions to include protection of an unborn child as prescribed
LB233 Krist Indefinitely postponed Decrease the number of members of the Legislature to forty-five
LB234 Fischer Passed Change provisions relating to county office and service facilities of the Department of Health and Human Services
LB235 Adams Passed Change provisions relating to state aid to schools
LB236 Adams Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to state aid to schools
LB237 Howard Passed Provide for creation of a prescription drug monitoring program
LB238 Conrad Indefinitely postponed Eliminate workers' compensation three-judge review and change certain procedural provisions
LB239 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Require presentation of government-issued photographic identification to vote in elections
LB240 Nordquist Indefinitely postponed Create the Nebraska Insurance Choices Exchange Task Force
LB241 Hadley Passed Redefine parts vehicle and require a bill of sale for transfer of a parts vehicle
LB242 Hadley Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to assault, assault on an officer, and offenses by a confined person
LB243 Carlson Passed Change membership on the Republican River Basin Water Sustainability Task Force
LB244 Carlson Indefinitely postponed Allow certain signs along scenic byways as prescribed
LB245 Carlson Indefinitely postponed Provide for release of employee medical records as prescribed under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB246 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Provide Nebraska State Patrol retirement benefits to a spouse who remarries
LB247 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Classrooms First Act
LB248 Dubas Passed Change provisions relating to burning permits and range-management burning
LB249 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Provide for waiver of restrictions on alcohol sales near postsecondary campuses
LB250 Transportation and Telecommunications Committee Indefinitely postponed Exempt limousine service from Public Service Commission regulation
LB251 Council Indefinitely postponed Change court fees
LB252 Cornett Passed Change powers and duties and provide a sales tax exemption relating to Wyuka Cemetery
LB253 Larson Indefinitely postponed Eliminate provisions relating to a tax credit for wind energy generating facilities
LB254 Campbell Passed Provide and change requirements for instruments recorded by the register of deeds
LB255 Transportation and Telecommunications Committee Final Reading Eliminate investigation and regulation duties of the Public Service Commission relating to railroads
LB256 Karpisek Governor Veto Change State Racing Commission members' terms and permit horseracing licensees to contract to conduct live horseracing for other licensees
LB257 Fischer Passed Change filing requirements for telecommunications companies
LB258 Krist Indefinitely postponed Provide that entry onto land by land surveyor is not criminal trespass
LB259 Fischer Passed Change provisions relating to railroads
LB260 Lathrop Passed Adopt the Concussion Awareness Act
LB261 Lathrop Passed Provide a direct seller exemption to the Employment Security Law
LB262 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Eliminate certain labor provisions regarding health and safety
LB263 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Eliminate the Nebraska Worker Training Board
LB264 Heidemann Passed Provide requirements for acquisition of certain real property by the state
LB265 Coash Passed Change Department of Health and Human Services petty cash fund provisions
LB266 Sullivan Indefinitely postponed Change the Open Meetings Act relating to closed sessions
LB267 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require application for a waiver to limit the types of beverages which may be purchased with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits
LB268 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require return to the payee of insufficient funds checks
LB269 Conrad Passed Change provisions relating to delayed deposit services
LB270 Executive Board Indefinitely postponed Eliminate duties and positions in the Public Counsel's office
LB271 Executive Board Indefinitely postponed Eliminate the office of Legislative Research
LB272 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Provide for confidentiality and limited access to first-injury reports under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB273 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Change the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act to provide for converted contracts and converted contract option students
LB274 Gloor Passed Change provisions relating to the return of dispensed drugs and devices
LB275 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the offense of escape
LB276 Council Indefinitely postponed Change a penalty from death to life imprisonment without possibility of parole and change other penalties as prescribed
LB277 Coash Passed Change the Nebraska Visitors Development Act to provide for the advice of a visitors committee to a county board
LB278 Coash Passed Authorize payment to county officers and employees by electronic funds transfer
LB279 Karpisek Passed Change provisions regarding an interest in licensed wholesalers under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB280 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Discretionary Clause Prohibition Act and create an unfair insurance trade practice
LB281 Karpisek Passed Allow consumption of alcohol in chartered limousines and buses
LR20 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Encourage the school boards, in conjunction with the Game and Parks Commission, to voluntarily promote and include trap shooting as a high school sport