Nebraska Revised Statute 8-194

Chapter 8


Insolvent banks; determination; declaration by director; filing.

Upon determination of insolvency of any bank by the director and failure of the stockholders or owners to restore solvency within the time and in the manner provided by law, or upon violation of the laws of the state by the bank, the director shall make a finding in writing of the condition of the affairs of such bank and a declaration of insolvency and such finding and declaration shall be filed with the clerk of the district court of the county in which the main office of such bank is located.


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  • 1. Priority of deposits

  • 2. Appointment of receiver

  • 3. Miscellaneous

  • 1. Priority of deposits

  • Receiver takes and holds assets of insolvent bank subject to liens against them as they exist at time court enters decree of insolvency. Wells v. Farmers State Bank of Overton, 124 Neb. 386, 246 N.W. 714 (1933).

  • Priority of unsecured deposits is fixed by status at time of actual closing of bank when court, under this section, adjudges it insolvent and orders it liquidated. State ex rel. Sorensen v. Thurston State Bank, 121 Neb. 407, 237 N.W. 293 (1931).

  • Upon taking possession of bank under this section, priority of United States attaches for debts due from bank. United States v. Bliss, 40 F.2d 935 (D. Neb. 1930), affirmed on appeal, Bliss v. United States, 44 F.2d 909 (8th Cir. 1930).

  • 2. Appointment of receiver

  • Amendment of 1933 manifested legislative intent to provide for administrative rather than judicial receivership of banks. Farmers State Bank of Clarks v. Luikart, 131 Neb. 692, 269 N.W. 627 (1936).

  • Appointment of receiver for purposes of liquidation includes power in receiver to sue for recovery of assets and for losses which bank has suffered by wrongful acts of its officers in violation of their bonds. Luikart v. Flannigan, 130 Neb. 901, 267 N.W. 165 (1936).

  • Appointment of receiver and judicial determination of deficiency of assets does not vest court appointing receiver with exclusive jurisdiction to try an equity suit for purpose of determining liability of stockholders. Parker v. Luehrmann, 126 Neb. 1, 252 N.W. 402 (1934).

  • 3. Miscellaneous

  • In a proceeding by a state bank under section 8-195, the bank has the burden to establish that declaration of insolvency hereunder was erroneous. Elm Creek State Bank v. Department of Banking, 191 Neb. 584, 216 N.W.2d 883 (1974).

  • This section does not constitute an unlawful delegation of judicial power to an executive department of government. Department of Banking v. Hedges, 136 Neb. 382, 286 N.W. 277 (1939).

  • Taking over of banking corporation by Department of Banking does not effect a dissolution of corporation; it retains its corporate capacity and may be sued on its contracts. Torgeson v. Department of Trade and Commerce, 127 Neb. 38, 254 N.W. 735 (1934).

  • Receiver of insolvent Nebraska state bank may sue to recover stockholder's double liability in foreign jurisdiction. Luikart v. Spurck, 1 F.Supp. 53 (D. Ill. 1932).