Nebraska Revised Statute 8-183.03

Chapter 8


State or federal savings association; conversion to state bank; requirements.

(1) To obtain a state bank charter, a savings association shall meet the requirements of state law as to the formation of a new state bank. The public hearing requirement of subdivision (1) of section 8-115.01 shall only be required if (a) after publishing a notice of the proposed conversion in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the main office of the converting savings association is located, the expense of which shall be paid by the applicant savings association, the director receives a substantive objection to the conversion within fifteen days after such publication or (b) in the discretion of the director, the condition of the savings association warrants a hearing.

(2) If the savings association is a federal association, compliance with the procedure for conversion to a state bank prescribed by the laws of the United States, if any, shall be demonstrated to the director.

(3) When the persons requesting the conversion of the savings association are officers or directors of the savings association, there shall be a rebuttable presumption that such persons are parties of integrity and responsibility.

(4) If the main office of the resulting state bank is to be at the same location as the main office of the converting savings association, the director shall recognize that the public necessity, convenience, and advantage of the community will be met by permitting the resulting bank to engage in business.

(5) The director may make an examination of the applicant savings association prior to his or her decision on the application for a state bank charter. The cost of such examination shall be paid by the applicant savings association.