Nebraska Revised Statute 77-2706.01

Chapter 77 Section 2706.01


Retailer of aircraft; use tax; option; election; conditions.

(1) Any retailer of aircraft, in lieu of paying tax pursuant to subsection (3) of section 77-2706, may elect to pay a use tax measured by the current sales and use tax rate applied against the total gross receipts realized from the use of such aircraft, except the receipts realized from transportation for hire as a common or contract carrier. If such election is made, it shall be made pursuant to the following conditions:

(a) Notice of the desire to make such election shall be filed with the Tax Commissioner and shall not become effective until the Tax Commissioner is satisfied that the taxpayer has complied with all of the conditions of this section and all rules and regulations of the Tax Commissioner;

(b) Such election when made shall continue in force and effect for a period of not less than two years and thereafter until such time as the retailer elects to terminate the election;

(c) Such election shall apply to all aircraft in inventory;

(d) When an aircraft to which such election is applicable is sold, destroyed, or otherwise removed from inventory, no deduction, credit, or refund of use tax paid pursuant to this section shall be taken or allowed; and

(e) The use tax imposed pursuant to this section is a tax upon the retailer so electing.

(2) The Tax Commissioner by rule and regulation shall prescribe the contents and form of the notice of election, the method and manner for terminating such election, and such other rules and regulations as may be necessary for the proper administration of this section.


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