Nebraska Revised Statute 77-2214

Chapter 77 Section 2214


Treasurer; failure to register or pay warrants in order; penalty.

Any treasurer who shall fail to register any warrant in the order of its presentation therefor, or shall fail to pay the same in the order of its registration as required under section 77-2206, shall be liable on his or her official bond to each and every person, the payment of whose warrant or warrants is thereby postponed, in the sum of five hundred dollars to be recovered in a civil action, one-half of which shall go to the person bringing such action, and one-half to the school fund of the county in which such action is brought.


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  • A county treasurer is not liable for refusal to register within ten days of issue. Means v. Webster, 23 Neb. 432, 36 N.W. 809 (1888).