Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1833

Chapter 77 Section 1833


Real property taxes; issuance of treasurer's tax deed; proof of service; fees.

The service of notice provided by section 77-1832 shall be proved by affidavit, and the notice and affidavit shall be filed and preserved in the office of the county treasurer. The purchaser or assignee shall also affirm in the affidavit that a title search was conducted to determine those persons entitled to notice pursuant to such section. If certified mail or designated delivery service is used, the certified mail return receipt or a copy of the signed delivery receipt shall be filed with and accompany the return of service. The affidavit shall be filed with the application for the tax deed pursuant to section 77-1837. For each service of such notice, a fee of one dollar shall be allowed. The amount of such fees shall be noted by the county treasurer in the record opposite the real property described in the notice and shall be collected by the county treasurer in case of redemption for the benefit of the holder of the certificate.



  • Deed issued, without affidavit showing service of notice to redeem first filed with treasurer, is void. Peck v. Garfield County, 88 Neb. 635, 130 N.W. 258 (1911).

  • Owner is not liable for expenses and costs in serving notice, when sale was illegal. Covell & Ransom v. Young, 11 Neb. 510, 9 N.W. 694 (1881).